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Monday DBR: Happy Classes!

Baylor students start classes today, and there are only six more days until football in McLane Stadium.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Football News

Intro Video Filming Day


Fall Camp Highlights Released

This team is good. They look incredible.

Student Tickets Sold Out

Baylor released their student ticket allotment yesterday at 5 p.m. By 6:15, they had all been claimed. There is some controversy surrounding Baylor's new online ticketing system, with many students claiming that slow internet connection or site errors are costing them their tickets. I personally miss the lines in the SUB- they were great for morale and ensured that the students who got in line first got their ticket. Hopefully Baylor reworks the website by the next game to accommodate the thousands of individual ticket requests.

USA Today Countdown: No. 8 Baylor

Myerberg takes a look at last season's predictions, where he had Baylor at 8-4. Obviously he thinks more of the Bears this time around.

If Bryce Petty passes for 4,500 yards and 40 touchdowns as Myerberg predicts, Waco will be home to a second Heisman.


Baylor Football: Bryce Petty Needs FSU to Fail to Win the Heisman
"Bryce Petty may not be able to win the Heisman simply by being the best player in college football. He will also need Florida State to lose."

I call bull on this one. Jameis Winston has more red flags than the second act of Les Miserables and Bryce Petty is the most huggable creature this side of the Mississippi. If he outperforms Winston and the others, he can and will win.

Baylor football preview: Bears poised to have another big season - Houston Chronicle


Baylor 2-0 Houston Baptist

The Daily Bryce