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Thursday DBR: Ten

Sarah Glenn

Shawn Oakman is a greek statue, except he is very real and he can kill you.

Coleman Injury Lingering

Hamstring injuries are weird. I would personally rather see a limited Corey Coleman in non-conference play than deal with him being hobbled down the stretch because we were too ambitious. Still, the loss of Clay Fuller and the questions around Corey Coleman don't bode well for IR depth. Looks like KD Cannon may be getting quite a bit of action next to Levi Norwood.

Briles Feels the Need



Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award Watch List Released

The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award is given to a college football player native to the state of Texas who displays excellence on and off the field. Bryce Petty won the inaugural award this past year. Bryce Petty, Antwan Goodley, and Levi Norwood have been named to the 2014 watch list.

One Day 'til Soccer

Baylor Soccer kicks off tomorrow against Rice at 7 p.m. at Betty Lou Mays Field in Waco.

The Motivation:

No one outside of Waco believes a national championship is a real possibility. It is. Make it so.