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8.20.2014 Daily Bears Report: Missing Corey Coleman

In Waco, thousands of students are moving into dorms and preparing for another school year. Elsewhere, we're talking football.

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It's move-in day in Waco, apparently, and there is much news to discuss.  Because our intrepid DBR-er is out helping the helpless find their way this morning, you're getting me.  I consider that a good thing; we have much to discuss.

Site News:

Just a couple of things about the goings-on here at OurDailyBears, SB Nation's only blog dedicated solely to the Baylor Bears.  First, due to the demands of his schedule for the upcoming semester, longtime ODB contributor Matthew Tennant (aka @DerBaylorBaer) is stepping back from the DBRs and will focus solely on futbol coverage.  I completely understand and support his reasoning and thank him for his dedication thus far!

Also, we're back in the swing of the 2014 ODB Community Projections.  Each of those threads will be open until we kick off against SMU, so if you haven't been keeping up, you can still easily do so.

Lastly, I'm nearly done with the 2014 Position Previews, having put up the nickelback preview yesterday evening.  Check those out if you haven't already.

Oh, and we have a podcast coming that we recorded last night.  Get excited!

SB Nation Stuff:

SB Nation's CFB page went live with their 2014 College Football Guide today, and it is a sight to behold.  You've already seen the intro page to if you came here from ODB's home page.  Click on it and read Bill C's team previews for all 128 FBS teams, the six features, some of which I'll link below, and everything else.  It's a monumental work unlike anything else in the industry. One thing in particular that I wanted to highlight, also from Bill C:

Blueprint for a rebuild: Six head coaches on how to restore a college football program -
Six head coaches at different stages of their careers explain how to restore a college football program.

And a little bit of generic CFB news:

Braxton Miller's done for the year. Here's what that means -
Ohio State is no longer the favorite in the Big Ten East, for one.

Baylor Stuff:

The first thing to get to with Baylor-specific news is, unfortunately, the looming specter of injuries.  RB Johnny Jefferson returned to practice yesterday and should be in good shape to play in the opener against SMU barring any further setbacks.  According to the Waco Trib, we should see RB Devin Chafin and WR Jay Lee later this week.  If they can get into the swing of things, I'd expect both of them to play.

The name missing from that paragraph is WR Corey Coleman, who has missed time recently due to a hamstring injury.  From Craig Smoak on Twitter this morning:

At this risk of overreacting-- this doesn't sound good to me at all.  The news we've heard up until now gave Coleman a decent, if not probable, chance of playing against SMU.  I don't see that happening now.  In fact, it sounds like they're setting up to play without Coleman for at least a game or two.  While not crippling for our offense by any means, that does change things a bit.  If you had any expectation that freshman K.D. Cannon might redshirt, put it aside.  He will almost definitely play, if not start, against SMU opposite IR Levi Norwood.

Speaking on WRs for a moment -- we know almost for given that Antwan Goodley has a WR spot locked down. Levi, the same.  We also know that Clay Fuller won't be back for several weeks.  With Lee sidelined by injury, as well, that could mean that you see a freshman or two in the starting lineup on 8/31, with the second (in addition to Cannon) being Davion Hall.  I'm not predicting; I'm saying it wouldn't surprise me.

Other Baylor stuff:

Baylor football best and worst case scenarios, season prediction | Dallas Morning News

Gauging injury impact of college football's top QBs
How would injuries to players like Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota affect their teams?

McLane Stadium in final prep stages for grand debut - Baylor Stadium
From McLane Stadium’s inception, questions abounded about whether the innovative design plan for the riverfront facility could be accomplished within the tight two-year construction time frame.

Baylor’s new cornerbacks draw tough assignment in Big 12 - Baylor Bears Football
There isn’t a tougher job in the Big 12 than playing cornerback against some of the country’s best receivers and most dynamic passing offenses.

Baylor’s Muir, McGowan in stamina vs. strength battle at left guard - Baylor Bears Football
Baylor coach Art Briles calls LaQuan McGowan 2034.

Baylor LB candidates wage spirited fight for starting job - Baylor Bears Football
Former all-Big 12 Baylor linebacker Eddie Lackey set a high standard with his tremendous playmaking ability and flair for the dramatic.

That's a lot of Waco Trib links, but there's good information there about position battles and such.  We should know more about how those things are working out if/when Baylor publishes an official depth chart.

Did you miss these in the fanshots?  Check them out now, if you did!

That's about all I've got.  My plan for later today is to do an August/Preseason Mailbag since we didn't have one in July and people have to have questions.  See you guys/gals then.