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Tuesday DBR: Purely Cosmetic

There's really not much else to do to McLane Stadium. Maybe some mulching and furniture arrangement.

CampBU: 12 Days Until Kickoff

With the season so close you can almost taste it, there's a pretty constant stream of information out of Waco on the football program. Yesterday we got to hear from Bryce Petty on the upcoming season, and the media got a final look at McLane Stadium before game day. Yes, they were impressed.

Jefferson was pretty much ready to go yesterday, returning from last week's tweaked knee. Devin Chafin was apparently nursing an extremely minor groin injury - so minor that he'll be at 100% before the end of the week.

I'm not sure how often Petty practices against the first defense, but if the Hager-Edwards-Brence combo impresses Petty, it will probably impress us too.

Mark posed an interesting question on Twitter the other day: if Baylor started only its freshman receivers, where would the unit rank? The more I hear, the more I think that these four could be a top-three unit in the conference today. Cannon is ready for the limelight, Hall is effortlessly athletic and natural in the position, Platt is a baby Tevin Reese, and Zamora is an absolute freak who was never properly utilized in high school.

Magee's return is as important to the defense as anything else. With question marks surrounding Sam Ukwuachu, Magee provides valuable depth behind Palmer at defensive end, but he has the mass and the strength to play tackle with ease.

SI picks Baylor to finish second in the Big 12 at 10-2, but we all know how wrong they are. They also take a good look at Bryce Petty, who was once a Tennessee commit and became a casualty of the Kiffinreich in Knoxville. The Vols can eat their feelings over that one for years. I personally think he did well here.

Purely Cosmetic: McLane Stadium "99.5% complete"

We got our last inside look at McLane Stadium yesterday as the media took their final preseason tour of the facilities. It seems like the media were blown away, especially those journalists who aren't local and haven't kept up with the project on a daily basis.

Get more media-y, ODB. I know for a fact that the high-ups in the athletic department are aware of SB Nation's existence. No harm done though- I'll be on-site before game day and I'll publish my thoughts then.

Friend of the blog Young Shee was included in the tour and came away impressed. This is the best look I've gotten at the underside of the canopy. It looks wonderfully shady and also perfectly capable of holding sound. In fact, just read Shehan's whole report:




To clarify: players will use this tunnel for warmups. They will enter the field from the northeast corner for game time, which is the "same" corner they used in Floyd Casey.

$260 million is less than Oklahoma's planned renovations and the recent Kyle Field overhaul. And we got a brand new stadium. No regrets.