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Sunday DBR: The Palace

Do you like pretty stadium pictures? Good.

Fourteen days.
Fourteen days.
Ronald Martinez

I'm moving back to Waco for the year this morning, so forgive the brevity of today's report.

McLane Stadium is game-ready, as demonstrated by the fact that it hosted a full scrimmage yesterday. The sound system is up and running, exterior landscaping is nearly finished, and the locker rooms are fabulous. Hobey ho, let's go.

Scrimmage in McLane

Players get a feel for McLane Stadium, tour facilities

So the bridge is huger than I realized.


It's so beautiful. I can't handle it.

Also bigger than it seems in pictures.

Completed video screen in the recruiting lounge isn't half-bad either.

Them hops. Schooling Chance Waz. Have fun, Big 12.

That boy Lynx Hawthorne has come flying onto the scene since Clay Fuller went down. He's already on the all-name team.

Hello Silas Nacita. We knew absolutely nothing about you and now you're tearing up scrimmages like it's no big deal.

Finished Product

It's perfect. Like a work of art, but you get to play football in it. This is the best look we've ever gotten at McLane Stadium, complete with landscaping, accent lighting, and flags waving from the poles atop the video board. Baylor has built a masterpiece.

I'll leave you with that. I have a dorm to move into.