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Friday Daily Bears Report

Computers predict the college football season, players heal up from minor injuries, and we all look for ways to distract ourselves until the season starts.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Computers Like #Noles

Well, if computers ran the world, you and I would be spending all day computing pi and singing Daisy Bell to please the mechanical overlords.

Camp News

Orion Stewart's swinging arms will not be tamed.

Cannon Emerging

Jefferson Healing Quickly (According to Him)

I'm not one to read into what players say about their own injuries, but I'm glad he's feeling better. Jefferson was only set to be out 7-10 days originally, and the faster he's comfortable, the better.

Forbes: Baylor "one of the greatest organizational turnarounds in sports".

The post really puts into perspective how far Baylor has come in just over a decade, shaking traumatic events and stigmas that would completely destroy many programs. If I have a criticism, it's that hardly any credit is given to Scott Drew for possibly the most impressive single rebuilding job in the recent history of American sports.

T&F Stadium Coming Together

State of Baylor Nation

Yeah. Serious national program. That must be tough for a lot of folks to swallow.

Pretty much. It seems like there are nearly twice as many Baylor-friendly users on Twitter as there were a year ago. Some are bandwagoners, and some are previous users who have begun to express their Baylor affiliation.