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Tuesday DBR: Padded Up

Players are in full pads as of yesterday's practice, which means we can start really getting a feel for what this team will look like. 19 days until kickoff.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ticket Notice

If you want to go to a Baylor football game in 2014 and you haven't bought a ticket, here:s your last chance:

Baylor-Kansas State could realistically be a de facto Big 12 championship game much like Baylor-Texas was last season. If you think you're going to be free in December, buy now. Worst case scenario, you can sell them to a friend at face value.

Bears Win National Uniform Poll

SportingNews conducted its first annual uniform poll this offseason by selecting 32 random teams and pitting them against each other in a tournament to find college football's best uniforms. Baylor beat out North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State to win it all. The poll was far from scientific, but it certainly helps raise awareness of Baylor's program, and that's always a good thing.

ESPN Power Rankings

Yeah, they're the ESPN power rankings.They do things like putting USC and TCU in the top 25 without mentioning Kansas State. Sure, they project that Texas A&M's defense will be better than Baylor's. Still, it's nice to see another national outlet including Baylor with the big dogs.

CampBU: Pad Day

Players were in full pads for the first time today as they suited up for a full practice and scrimmage, which was forced indoors halfway through due to weather concerns.

Reports from practice that Corey Coleman and Jay Lee, both nursing minor injuries, will be completely ready by opening day and that holding them out of practice is a precautionary measure more than anything else.

This is unfortunate for Lee, who has been working hard to force his way up the depth chart. His absence from practice has opened up opportunities for younger receivers, and KD Cannon and Davion Hall continue to impress, earning reps with both the first and second offensive units.

We have four freshman wide receivers that could realistically play at a competitive level this year. Briles stated that freshmen very well could see the field this year, but that the coaching staff will be extremely caution when the time comes to burn redshirts.

Running backs are also looking like a strength of this year's team. Shock Linwood, Devin Chafin, and Johnny Jefferson are all running with the first offense and all bring something different to the table. Linwood's balance is impeccable, making him unusually difficult to tackle for a back of his size. Chafin brings the pain, but is nimble and fast enough to make plays in the open field that many defenders wouldn't expect. Jefferson needs to mature as a runner and learn to make quick decisions and follow his blocks, but when he gets rolling he's a home run threat in the vein of a stronger Lache Seastrunk.

The Petty/Goodley/Norwood trio will be strong. We all knew that.

McLane Stadium Scoreboard Clothing

The exterior side of McLane Stadium's video board was covered yesterday afternoon, and the end result has fans divided.

Many question whether the covering is permanent or not. It appears to be some kind of stretched vinyl material (not terribly unlike a tarp) that allows for ventilation. The heat generated by the video board is significant, and closing in the entire device with brick or metal may have led to safety concerns.