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7.9.2014 Daily Bears Report: The Thunderdome on the Brazos

It's Wednesday on the calendar, and as we approach the start of yet another football season, the news has begun to flow (if only slightly).

Before I get to anything else this morning, I want to take a minute to talk about fanshots and fanposts, as it's been a while since we last did so and there are a ton of new people hanging about.

The way ODB (and every other SB Nation blog, more or less) works is that authors, sometimes referred to as contributors, have the ability to post content on the front page of the site or in their respective hubs, should that be more appropriate.  Those are called "articles" in the SB Nation lexicon, and anyone with the right permissions can write them.  One of the things that makes SB Nation different, however, is that those articles are not the only thing that can be posted on the site.  Every registered user who is a member of this blog can also post things called "fanposts" and "fanshots."  You've probably seen some in the past, you just didn't know what they were.  A quick example of each:


Those are the latest of each type on the board.  Ovenmit331, the author of the fanpost, is not a contributor to ODB.  He's a member.  But he can create a fanpost to share his take on things whenever he wants to.  Others like KimboSmash, darthbear, and 91Bear have done so recently, as well.  Fanposts are the member's way to share things, be it a few thoughts or something much more involved, with the rest of the community.

Fanshots, on the other hand, are a tool, usable by all, to share links, quotes, images, etc. without the need for a larger post.  Some communities barely use them, preferring to do a full write-up for even the smallest of news or to just ignore it entirely.  I use them constantly to share things that I don't think warrant a full article.  You can do the same thing.  That fanshot above was made by Tim Riordan, a contributor for the Buffalo SB Nation site.  The one before that was from oso.johnny about a video game.  Contributors and members alike should feel free to fanshot whatever you please (within reason), whenever you please.  Maybe you see something I don't and bring it to the community's attention.  Maybe you find something awesome that is worth writing about, and someone here takes the idea and runs with it.  Both of these tools are ways for members who don't feel like contributing in a formal fashion to still do so when the mood strikes them.  And I hope everyone feels comfortable doing so.

Alright, let's get to the news of the day:

Baylor Football:

In case you don't have an Insider login...

This is apparently a story, but I'm not sure why. Of course we're putting a statue up of RG3 outside the stadium he helped build. He was our first Heisman Trophy winner and one of the biggest singular reasons Baylor is where it is today. Why wouldn't we? OU has statues up of Jason White and Sam Bradford, but we're getting crap for this?

Speaking of the statue, the final form of it is being kept under wraps until the unveiling before the SMU game.  Word is that RG3 posed for it recently and it will be 10 feet tall.  The official Facebook account for Baylor Athletics (the one with the blue check) asked people to say which pose they thought would be chosen (or has already been chosen, I'm sure).  I'm going with this one:

I feel like it's the most recognizable image of Griffin in a Baylor uniform, although a pose like this could also work.

O...k... Don't know if I'll use it, but someone probably will.

Our All-Big 12 ballots - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
But below, the Big 12 blog team released the ballots we turned in to the office to you for your viewing pleasure.

All-Big 12 ballot roundtable - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
They talk about it.

ESPN loves the "release something and then do a roundtable on it" format.

The Big 12's top 10 games of 2014 | FOX Sports on MSN
College football is less than two months away, and we can't wait to witness these 10 Big 12 conference games this season.

Brice Cherry: These 4 games will make or break Bears’ Big 12 title quest - Baylor Bears Football
It doesn’t matter if it’s a pop quiz, a mid-term exam or the SAT, every test consists of three basic types of questions.

Baylor puts finishes touches on McLane Stadium turf - Baylor Stadium
Workers install Baylor University’s name in the end zone at the school’s new McLane Stadium. The process should be complete by the end of the week.

I can only imagine the terror people will feel when they see that interlocking BU on the 50 and think they've mistakenly attended a Boston University game!  Right, Lilly?

SB Nation Stuff:

College football unionization rankings: Which private schools are next? -
Northwestern football players have the power to form a union, and other private schools are concerned the movement could be headed their way. So let's figure out the likeliest spots.

The big 2014 Oklahoma State football guide: The next generation begins -
Mike Gundy has a lot of key pieces to replace and faces a rough schedule away from home. So 2014 might shape up a lot like 2012 for OSU, in which the Cowboys take their lumps, play at a high level, and break through in an odd-numbered year.

2014 coverage of The Opening/Elite 11, the country's biggest recruiting event -
SB Nation is on Nike's campus in Beaverton, Oregon for the annual showcase of the best high school football players. Follow along.

Tweets of Note:

Well-played, Baylor Football. Well-played.  I took the more direct approach of trolling ISU fans.

They took it pretty well.

Someone tweeted this to us last night, and it got a little traction.

Then Nick Pants took over and gave us the header image for this post. Thanks, Nick! (Here's the tweet where he responded.)

Speaking of the stadium...

And last but not least, this happened, reminding us all of the unbelievable arrogance of some of our neighbors to the south.

The Daily Bear: