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Friday DBR: Staying Up for GameDay

I'm not sleeping tonight. Totally worth it.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

MBB Wins at Vandy

It was a close one, but the Bears managed to pull one out in Nashville at Vanderbilt's incredibly odd looking Memorial Gym. The game was part of the Big 12-SEC Challenge. The Big 12 currently leads 4-1 in the challenge, with Baylor, Texas Tech, Iowa State, and TCU all getting big wins. No. 16 West Virginia became the first team in the conference to drop a home game this season, giving up a win to LSU.

Tonight holds a fantastic slate, including No. 6 Texas at No. 1 Kentucky, Florida at No. 11 Kansas, and Missouri at No. 22 Oklahoma. A win for Texas would be massive, and knock the SEC down yet another peg in the basketball world.

What's next? Baylor hosts A&M on Tuesday at the Ferrell Center. It will be the first time the Aggies have been on campus for a major sporting event since leaving the Big 12. Let's give them a... warm welcome.

Every Man a (Arizona) Wildcat

The Pac-12 Championship game is tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox. It features the No. 2 Oregon Ducks and the No. 8 Arizona Wildcats. Despite the (frankly ridiculous) speculation that the Wildcats could jump Baylor with a win, we need Arizona to topple Oregon. It would most likely result in the Pac-12 being left out of the playoff and make room for Ohio State or Baylor. Oregon's fall would be the first domino necessary for a Baylor national title.

ESPN All Over Campus

ESPNU College Road Trip was all over the place on campus yesterday, hitting up McLane Stadium, the Simpson Athletic Center, George's, and Christmas on 5th to get an idea of life at Baylor.

GameDay Set Goes Up

Yes, the Umphrey Bridge will be closed to foot traffic until mid-afternoon to accommodate the set, so plan accordingly.

The Daily Sign

I printed a 3x3 version of the ODB Twitter logo for GameDay. It's sitting in my room right now and after being attached to my sign, it's bigger than my desk. I start camping out at 3:30 today, so keep an eye out for me on College GameDay tomorrow morning.