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Thursday DBR: The Uprising

The media is turning on the committee and Baylor fans are finally getting to say, "THANK YOU!" to their logic.

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Welcome Baylor Fans to the very first DBR hosted by yours truly.

Since I believe it is my job to bring you a a news dump of all things Baylor. I will be doing just that and then asking you to check out the comments where I'm sure additional stuff will be added because right now Baylor is pretty much getting talked about everywhere.

Let's start with the gloriousness that is Coach Briles on Mike & Mike this morning:

Then we can move to the official Hype Video from the folks over at Baylor SESP and Baylor Vision.

After that let me remind you briefly that not only did Baylor beat TCU, but TCU lost to Baylor.

Once that sinks in we can take a look at this news over here: JIM ROME IS ON BAYLOR'S SIDE.

Now that we have officially entered an alternate universe, allow me to remind you that GameDay is coming to Waco.


So that narrows it down to Willie, Johnson, or Singletary - right?

If you aren't following #GameDaySigns then I do not know what to tell you. Even if you are not on Twitter, it's worth a look.

Playoff Stuffs

Allow me to put a note in here on the above. The media has basically gone all in for Baylor at this point. Very few voices from on high are still chirping for the Horned Frogs and you want to know why? It is not because Baylor hired a PR firm, it is not because our fanbase is the squeaky wheel getting the grease, nor is it any plethora of excuses you might still hear from TCU faithful. The fact of the matter remains, the resumes are identical and Baylor beat TCU.

Every last one of you has trumpeted that fact for so long now that its impact may be wearing on you, so please take a step back and just remind yourself - there is going to be NATIONAL level uproar if Baylor wins on Saturday and is left out of the playoff in favor of TCU. The above tweet indicates that Hancock and the committee are starting to feel the pressure, and I have a feeling that whoever the voices in that room are that have pushed TCU to the front are about to get a committee who turns on them after Saturday.

Podcast Plug: Going Live!

Mark, Prashanth and Peter are once again going live to preview the K-State game tonight at 9:00 p.m. Central Time! Peter will throw up a post an hour or so before hand, as usual. Be here and tell your friends!

If you are new here, and don't ever check out the comments - you are missing out.

Warning: Great information/news/banter below: