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Monday DBR: Big 12 Bowl Season Begins

The Big 12 dives into the fray for the first time in the New Kid Bowl, and more.

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Big 12 Bowls of the Day

Autozone Liberty Bowl – Texas A&M vs. West Virginia – 1 p.m. CST

The A&M Hive Mind's favorite thing to do is trash the Big 12. Now they get to take on one of the new Big 12 teams in a bowl game to decide which conference acquired a better mid-tier team. WVU will be adjusting to life after Clint Trickett, but players like Rushel Shell and Kevin White are everything the Aggies have come to fear. The New Kid Bowl should be a fun one.

Russell Athletic Bowl – Clemson vs. Oklahoma – 4:30 p.m. CST

The Disappointment Bowl? Oklahoma and Clemson both had high preseason expectations, but were both tossed aside after falling to conference rivals. Still, these are two better-than-average teams, though Clemson's quarterback woes may give it fits. An Oklahoma win is yet another ding to the ACC's conference prestige.

Advocare Texas Bowl – Arkansas vs. Texas – 8 p.m.

If you came expecting offense you'll be disappointed.

The Brilesism Compendium

Thanks to KWTX for putting this gem together. What a strange, special, wonderful man.

Players Prep for Cotton Bowl

Baylor Commits at All-America Games

That's a lot of free swag you're passing up, Blake. I respect that decision.