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Wednesday DBR: Brazos Kings

Baylor's convincing victory in the 206th Battle of the Brazos is a quality win for the Bears' tournament résumé, and a big point of pride in an old rivalry.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

That's beautiful.

The Big 12 is an absolute gauntlet this year, with Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State showing potential greatness and even TCU looking greatly improved. If Baylor can make it to the dance, they'll definitely have earned it. The more I see this team play, the more I like their chances.

I say that Al Freeman was the most improved player last night.

I have no idea where the phrase "hotsauced" came from, but I know exactly which Al Freeman moment sparked this tweet. It looked like the scene from Disney's Hercules where Hercules finally passed the training gauntlet and you thought to yourself, "Oh man, this demigod ain't come to play school."

It's hard to see in pictures since the Ferrell Center is so dark, but the Bear Pit was full and loud last night, an encouraging sign of things to come.

Lady Bears host Idaho

The Lady Bears have the No. 2 offense in all of WBB, and they'll put it to the test against Idaho at 7 p.m. today in the Ferrell Center. Nina Davis is the sitting Big 12 Player of the Week. If you're not going to be drowning in finals, go enjoy the show!


The coaches are hot after two more big names for the 2015 football class. They were in-home over the last few days with S Khalil Haughton, a standout safety from Waco Midway, and Malik Jefferson the superpowered OLB from Mesquite Poteet.