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Friday DBR: The Prelude

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Tomorrow is OU Day. Today is Day Before OU Day. Make the most of it, because the season lives or dies tomorrow.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I think two things shift the game in Baylor's favor tomorrow. The first is the reemergence of Devin Chafin as the offense's power back. We spent most of the season without a Glasco Martin-esque bruiser in the backfield, and Chafin showed what he's capable of against Kansas. Johnny Jefferson is young and a bit hampered by injuries, so without a home run threat, a power back is absolutely essential. Chafin has shown some breakaway ability in the past too, carving up Texas Tech last year.

The second is Baylor's rushing defense. The Bears have allowed fewer than 100 yards rushing per game this year, thanks to stellar defensive line play and consistent production from Bryce Hager. As good as the Sooner rushing attack is, I honestly don't believe that Samaje Perine has encountered an Andrew Billings yet.

Baylor's defense can win if they force Trevor Knight to beat them with his arm. As good as Sterling Shepard is, he's still dealing with a recent injury, and he's no Kevin White in the first place. Production from OU's receivers besides Shepard has been meager.

A fantastic piece on how Chris Sanders, one of our newest transfer corners, turned his life around at Baylor after being dismissed from two previous teams. This is what Art Briles is all about.

Soccer Tournament Play vs. OU Tonight

Baylor beat Oklahoma in Norman earlier this year, and they hope to do it again tonight to advance to the Big 12 final match. Doing so would be a huge turnaround for a team that struggled mightily in conference play.

Lenz Drops at National Indoors

This is the second national tournament in which Lenz has been upset.

Meanwhile, Vince Schneider and Felipe Rios were perfect in singles and doubles action at the Jack Kramer Invitational.

Blair Shankle dropped her first match to Pepperdine's Lorraine Guillermo at National Indoors. Burgic, ranked 78th, had a one set lead until 20th-ranked Guillermo came back and won the day with two straight sets.

Honors for No. 1 Equestrian

Baylor boasts the top equestrian team in the nation, and members were recognized in the Big 12's monthly honors for October.