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Tuesday DBR: Back to Normal

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I'm back after recovering from Homecoming. Thanks to Tennant for filling in for me.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, I'm alive. Homecoming went extremely well according to most attendees, and I've very pleased with how things turned out. Now I can re-devote my time to the blog.

Volleyball at Kansas Tomorrow

Baylor Volleyball travels to Kansas tomorrow to play the Jayhawks at 6:30 in Lawrence. Volleyball is coming off of two straight wins against Iowa State and Texas Tech and looks to continue that trend.

Jones III Leads Thunder

Perry Jones III, a player who was an obvious talent but never fully developed at Baylor, has seized upon his sudden opportunity in Oklahoma City. With Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant both sidelined, Jones has stepped up and broken his career points high three games in a row. He dropped 16 in a loss to Brooklyn last night, in which Cory Jefferson was inactive.

The Grantland piece is a fantastic read.

Also, be aware that basketball single-game tickets are on sale as of this morning. Definitely grab one to Baylor vs. A&M on December 9.

Lenz in Nationals

Lenz began the year as the No. 1 individuals player in he country. He's slipped somewhat, but is still in great position for a title run.

Lady Bears Basketball Begins Tonight

It's exhibition play of course, so we'll really only just begin to get a sense of how good this team is. As much as Kim Mulkey lost last year in Odyssey Sims and Makenzie Robertson, she gains just as much in returning starters Sune Agbuke, Niya Johnson, and Nina Davis. Hyped transfer Kristy Wallace from Australia will also play her first minutes in a Baylor uniform. The Lady Bears open at No. 9 in the national polls.