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Tuesday DBR: Axed the Jacks

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Half of my high school went to SFA, so last night's shootyhoops victory was quite satisfying.

You look good in white, coach.
You look good in white, coach.
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Basketball Puts Away SFA

SFA is a good basketball team that will more than likely end up in the tournament once again, so this will be a quality win for Baylor down the line. Royce O'Neale played like a man possessed, picking up points and rebounds very quickly. He was 7-9 shooting, 2-4 from beyond the three point line, and 3-3 on free throws with 14 total rebounds. Lester Medford and Taurean Prince also had standout games. I think this team is still trying to find its groove but has the potential to be better than last year based on guard play and raw talent in the front court.

Davis on Wooden Award Short List

Congrats, Nina! The Lady Bears play three home games this weekend. We'll have more information as the event approaches.

Pre-Tech Tweets

As happy as I am for Perine, it's tough not to feel bad for Gordon. He spent a quarter on the bench, and football is an unforgiving game when it comes to records.


Kingsbury later said in his press conference that Baylor currently has the best group of college receivers he's ever seen. On the WRU issue: despite the lack of Biletnikoffs, Baylor has three receivers in the league who are arguably more prolific than Crabtree and Welker in Josh Gordon, Kendall Wright, and Terrance Williams. We'll have more before too long.

Malik Jefferson Cuts Field; Baylor Makes IT

Malik Jefferson didn't tell us much that we didn't already know when he named his top seven yesterday, but it was still nice to be included. I think Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas, and LSU have the best shot at the 5* OLB, but everyone on the list is in it, and Jefferson has been extremely tight-lipped about his recruitment.