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Monday DBR: The Road to JerryWorld

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The road to Arlington really isn't that long, relatively speaking. This week, Baylor makes its last road trip of the regular season to take on Tech at the neutral site in what we hope is a warm-up for January.

Basketball Hosts SFA Tonight

Remember the team that forced overtime in the tournament by pulling off the elusive four point play? That was SFA, if anyone forgot, and the Lumberjacks are in the Ferrell Center tonight. It should be a fun time.

Coach Drew began his career at Baylor when I was nine years old. In the time it took me to get through the public school system, Drew built a perfectly respectable program out of almost nothing. It's the greatest turnaround job in college basketball, and one of the best in American sports history. Let's be thankful this week for a guy who stuck with a school that had been through some rough years when he came knocking.

Johnson Named Cross Country All-American

Rachel Johnson finished fifth at Cross Country Nationals with a personal record time. Baylor as a team finished 19th overall.

Records show that Anne-Marie Dunlap (center) was disqualified, likely for injury. For once in its existence, Minnesota helped Baylor out.

Equestrian Still Undefeated

It's hard to find official documentation of our equestrian program sometimes, especially for smaller competitions, but Coach White is pretty good at keeping personal records in the form of tweets and Instagram posts.

Blackout Aftermath

The terrible weather led to some spectacular photos. Really good stuff here.