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Thursday DBR: National Signing Day Happened

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A lot of talent is coming to Waco these days.

Brett Deering

Volleyball Beats TCU

The team played incredibly well and it marked Katie Staiger's best performance since the loss against Texas. Andie Malloy had her 16th double-double this season with 14 kills and 16 digs. What is a dig? A dig is when the other team drives the ball in such a way that saving it from hitting your side of the floor hurts your arms. As of last night, Thea Munch-Søegaard has had her forearms broken by a volleyball 610 times. Ouch.

Signing Day for Several Sports

Those names. Gulley and dry are antonyms, and Szczepanski-Beavers (from Aledo) is the podcast's nightmare fuel. It's a very good signing class for Mulkey, and all three are already on the All-Name team.

There's no post on the official Baylor site, but as far as I can tell, Equestrian signed four new members yesterday as well: Shelby Doria, Shannon Hogue, Shyanne Smith, and Kelsie Brittan.

Oh, and Track too. The track team signed more people than I can keep track of. That wasn't even intended. Okay, moving on.

Assorted Football

I never would have thought Brence would beat out Fuller for this nomination at the beginning of the season. It's a shame Brence didn't snag that interception against Oklahoma- it would have made him a frontrunner here.

I Destroyed A College Football Blue-Blood And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Baylor owns the longest home winning streak in the country after Auburn's loss to Texas A&M. The weird dark magic that has plagued the Waco region for a century is finally being used for good. I'm not sorry for what will happen to you here, Pokes.