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Wednesday DBR: Not Talking About Playoffs

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Playoff discussion is not allowed here. Take your salt elsewhere.

Rico says playoff discussion is not allowed here.
Rico says playoff discussion is not allowed here.
Ronald Martinez

Volleyball Signing Day/Game Day

I don't know anything about volleyball recruiting and you probably don't either, but the signing of a good class is never a bad thing. Coach Barnes has coached an improved squad this year, but they're not at the level to compete for conference titles yet. Maybe some fresh faces can help with that in the years to come.

No, TCU doesn't have a football team. For the purposes of this controversy-free post, they're a volleyball school. Tonight's game will be televised live on Fox Sports Southwest.

Two Days Until Basketball

Basketball is Shehan's favorite sport, so get ready for a lot of Shehan links. I think this team is going to be sneaky good, so get excited.

Coleman Named Earl Campbell Player of the Week

Corey Coleman's domination of the Oklahoma secondary (a domination that ended up catapulting the Sooners out of the Top 25 for the first time in five years) won him Earl Campbell National Player of the Week honors. Congrats, Mr. Coleman!

The Daily Non-Controversial Puppy

DBR Part II: pbpope Edition or, Talking About Playoffs

NOTE: I started writing this before Conner threw up his DBR, so I'm just going to append the work I did to it so that you can enjoy extra DBR content today!

Amazing to think that I've been writing for ODB for about two years now, but I've never done a DBR before. Bear with me (HA! that's a pun because bear) while I work it out. Given that the vast majority of stuff this morning is about the College Football Playoff, we're going to look at that, I think.

Selection Committee Rankings and Reaction

If you only read one thing today about the Selection Committee Rankings that doesn't come from ODB, READ THIS ARTICLE where Gary Patterson is asked about TCU vs. Baylor in the following manner:

But how about the opinion of one of the principals involved? In the event of an 11-1 tie, TCU head coach Gary Patterson thinks Baylor deserves the nod. "They should, they beat us, there’s no questions asked, that’s what the rule is," Patterson told the Associated Press. "But you still get a trophy for being (Big 12) co-champions, and that’s the one thing that I can control."

There you have it, folks. Straight from the horse's mouth. Seriously, though, go read that article. Here's another link to it in case you haven't been persuaded. It's good.

I respectfully disagree, RedditCFB. There's not much clearer than 61-58.

My Own Take

While I completely understand that TCU is still ranked ahead of us, what I didn't understand was the explanation last night. It would appear that the Selection Committee considers quality wins to be only those against other CFP Top 25 teams, which therefore means that TCU's home win over Minnesota has more weight, right now, than Baylor's road win over Oklahoma. If Oklahoma wins out and Minnesota loses out (two very definite possibilities), then there's a good chance that OU is back in the Top 25 and our win will be examined against TCU's.

While it makes sense to an extent, the problem is that this is a weekly ranking trying to look at a season to-date as though it is a complete season. It isn't. Additionally, TCU made it into the Top 10 on the merits of wins over Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but is now there, apparently, because of its wins against Kansas State and Minnesota. While I believe they deserve a spot in the top 6 right now, I'd be lying if I thought that the Selection Committee did what it says it's supposed to do and wiped the slate clean every week. That's impossible.

At any rate, just keep winning.

Basketball is a thing, and there's news!

If you weren't aware, Basketball starts in two days. That's not the news, though. This is the news:

While we've known about McClure's commitment for quite some time now, the signing is still fantastic as it makes everything official. A great get for Coach Drew and co.