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Monday DBR: Homecoming Week

The best week of the semester begins now.

Homecoming at Baylor isn't like it is at other schools. Rather than simply a parade and a ceremony at a football game, Baylor Homecoming is an integral part of the Baylor student experience and a date marked on alumni calendars months in advance. Every hotel from West to Temple is booked.

In 2014, it's an even bigger deal than usual. See, people come into town and actually want to go see the football game. I got my younger sister, who hates sports and happiness, to promise to come see what the fuss is about.

I'm also in Chamber, so Matthew Tennant will be filling in for me the rest of this week. Bring me coffee if you're on campus.

Soccer Falls to Texas

Baylor looked to have the game wrapped up when Texas came storming back. Matthew Tennant said on Twitter that the officiating was deplorable, but this is a huge disappointment.