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Sunday DBR: Team Chaos Reigns

One of the Mississippis fell prey to Death Valley, Volleyball didn't lose, and Baylor has the best Equestrian team in the country.

LSU RB Leonard Fournette's facemask was pulled completely off by an Ole Miss defender. Chaos, man.
LSU RB Leonard Fournette's facemask was pulled completely off by an Ole Miss defender. Chaos, man.
Chris Graythen

College Football Chaos Report

  1. LSU beats Ole Miss in a nail-biter. The Tigers' run game was rolling most of the game, but turnovers and an objectively terrible call cost them the endzone several times. Finally, an Anthony Jennings play-action pass at the goal line gave them a 10-7 lead, which they managed to defend for another five minutes.
  2. Colorado lost to No. 25 UCLA in double overtime. UCLA started the year as a top 10 team.
  3. Texas was shut out by Kansas State, the first time the Longhorns have gone without scoring since 2004.
  4. Penn State tried their darndest to slay Ohio State, but their rebellion fell short after an anticlimactic fourth down sack in second overtime.
  5. Georgia Southern is the real GSU. The FBS newcomer and projected Sun Belt champ beat Georgia State (FBS newcomer and not-projected Sun Belt champ( by a margin of 69-31. The team carried banners declaring the Georgia Dome their new stomping ground.
  6. Pitt's offense was responsible for six fumbles, two punts, and a turnover on downs. It was Pitt's homecoming game.
  7. Kentucky fought hard against Mississippi State. With a short field near the end, the Wildcats opted for an onside kick. Mississippi State returned that onside kick for a rumbling touchdown. Good show, Kentucky. Sorry it had to end that way. No, really, we were all pulling for you.
  8. Marshall remained undefeated, downing Florida Atlantic 35-16.

No. 3 Equestrian Beats No. 1 Georgia

Firstly, Baylor Equestrian Coach Ellen White gave ODB a shoutout on her twitter feed after the competition yesterday, praising a recent piece explaining the nature of Equestrian events.

But more importantly, No. 3 Baylor beat No. 1 Georgia, 13-6. After wins against 1, 2, and 7 in the past week, Baylor is heir apparent to the No. 1 spot.

Volleyball Beats Iowa State 3-2.

Baylor Volleyball got fed up with losing after going down 2-0 in their game against Iowa State last night. So fed up, in fact, that they raged back to win three straight sets and the match against a team that they were projected to get rocked by. Congrats, ladies.