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Friday DBR: Crunch

Baylor gears up for TCU, good defenses are harder to score on, and carnivorous plants are almost as dangerous as bears.

Ronald Martinez

Baylor vs. TCU Links and Tweets

College Football Pick of the Week: TCU at Baylor - WSJ

TCU at Baylor primer - ESPN

The first link is especially interesting. A prediction machine has Baylor winning the game 62.7% of the time, and covering the spread 54.8% of the time. I'm always skeptical of our machine overlords, but I certainly won't turn down an endorsement from one.

Volleyball Blackout vs. Kansas

That promo to win a tour of McLane Stadium is a good idea. I like it.

Clyde Hart Track and Field Complex open

Reminder: Be glad we're not playing at Amon G. Carter

They got more speakers, guys.