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1.09.2014 Daily Bears Report: Coaching Carousel In Full Swing...

So starts another day on the blog with Odyssey Sims showing why she's the best player in the country, recruiting news coming fast and furious from all corners, and a coaching carousel in full swing.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I've long felt that one of the biggest contributing factors to Baylor's run of recent success has been a largely consistent coaching staff.  Briles has assembled a staff that recruits and works well together and kept them in clearly-defined roles over the last few years, building continuity with each other and the players in their charge.  I can't stress enough how important this is, particularly with the counter-example of our friends in Austin, who went through basically 4 different offenses in 4 years and switched defensive coordinators mid-season.  Continuity breeds stability, stability breeds focus, and focus breeds success.

Someone asked yesterday if there was any chance that Baylor might pick up a free agent coach like Duane Akina, the DB coach at Texas since forever that will probably be out of a job soon.  Because of what I said above, I doubt it.  Briles reportedly loves his staff, both on the offensive side (where nobody is going anywhere any time soon) and the defensive, and I don't see him pushing anyone out the door to bring in a new coach with whom he's never worked.  Even if that guy has some mysterious ability to bring in 4* CB after 4* CB.

Just because we probably won't bring in anybody new doesn't mean others will stand pat, as well.  The CFB news hub over on the mothership is replete with coaching carousel news, including the move from Alabama to Michigan of OC Doug Nussmeier that might open up a spot for LANE FREAKING KIFFIN to join Saban's staff, Louisville hilariously rehiring Bobby Petrino, and James Franklin deciding today on whether he will be the next coach in Happy Valley, a place that desperately needs to be renamed giving past events.   Oh, and Johnny Manziel declared for the draft yesterday, in news that should surprise absolutely no one.

How much are you hoping Petrino hires Kevin Steele, as has been rumored?

Now, about just Baylor stuff:

WBB: Odyssey Sims is a baller and a shot-caller. (

WBB: Alexis Prince's feet are a concern. (

FB: Terrance Ganaway joins Baylor Athletics officially as the Assistant Director of Business Operations (Twitter)

FB: Baylor ticket holders lead nation in fan satisfaction (SportsBusinessDaily)

MBB:  You can get a free iPad if you go to basketball games (Twitter-MBB)

Stadium: We got a view from the press box yesterday (Twitter)

Everything Else:

ESPN wants you to know they believe in the Strong hire for Texas. Gag me. (

Baylor scored 42 points in the Fiesta Bowl without a single offensive player making the Big 12 bowl team. (

Baker Mayfield speaks about things. (

A Gruden is RGIII's next coach, but not the Gruden you probably thought. (AP)

He'll get to coach old pre-ODB favorite David Gettis.  That's fun. (

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