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1.5.2014 Sunday News/Links/Tweets: The Texas Stronghorns

With just one big game left on the CFB schedule (no disrespect intended, Arkansas and Ball States), there's not a ton going on right now in CFB. Oh, except Texas will officially announce a coach today.

Andy Lyons

Unless you truly live under a rock (in which case, I'd wonder how you got on ODB in the first place), you've probably heard that Texas will officially announce the hiring of Louisville's Charlie Strong today as their new head coach.  Strong came to Louisville four years ago from Florida, where he was the defensive coordinator for Urban Meyer's Gators teams before Meyer decided he didn't want to be there and faked heart problems/concern for his family.  Because of his time in both Gainesville and Louisville, Strong has a, for lack of a better word, strong defensive reputation.  I'm confident that he will be an upgrade in coaching over Mack Brown.  We don't know who all of his assistants will be just yet, but he should recruit well in Austin, too.  Even if that means a harder road for us in the Big 12 (and it probably does), it's good for the conference to have as many strong (teehee) coaches as possible.  It's not a hire that scares me, as a Baylor fan, nor is it one that makes me laugh.  Strong is probably a bit more risky than a few other names bandied about, but he is undoubtedly a good coach.  Texas fans should be happy, I think.

The part about all this that makes me laugh (and shake my head) is not the hire itself.  As I said, I think Strong is a legitimately good coach.  It's that after all the rumors and reports we've heard about Texas breaking the bank for a coach with national championships and/or NFL experience on his resume, they got Strong, identified a month ago by Vegas as the odds-on favorite but who didn't even make the top 9 of OrangeBloods' "Coaching Hot Board." We heard constantly that they were going to lure Saban, Malzahn, Fister, Shaw, a Harbaugh, Tomlin, Mora, even Briles-- all of whom have legitimate reasons not to go to Texas-- and they got Strong.  At the end of a period of utter delusion where phrases like "We're Texas!" were repeated ad nauseum as supposed evidence of something, they got Strong.  Basically the entire CFB world outside of Austin saw this coming, yet we were still subjected to post after post, report after report, of utter delusion.  I'd bet a lot of money that reports will be written, if they haven't been already, saying Strong was the first real choice, the first real offer.  Unless you believe that they wanted Strong over everyone else, that is completely false.  The school/fanbase that told everyone over and over again how they'd take anyone or anything they wanted and there was nothing to be done about, that convinced itself it could steal coaches like Saban, Malzahn, and Fister despite all evidence to the contrary, probably settled, but the only reason it could be viewed that way (again, because Strong is a really good coach) was the ridiculously outrageous expectations in the first place.  I'd say the Longhorn masses could learn something from this experience if I thought they were at all interested in doing so.


Moving on ... Baylor should find something out today about the ongoing recruitment of Davion Hall, the Army All-American WR/S recruit that has been committed to Baylor for nearly a year.  Aggie reporters/observers continue to insist that Hall will flip to them today, just as they did yesterday, the day before that, the day before that, etc. etc. stretching back basically to Hall's commitment last February.  Whatever he decides, Hall is an early enrollee that will report somewhere a week from tomorrow.  I continue to believe it will be Baylor (Hall is the one on the left), but I don't know for sure and will keep you updated as best I can.


Heading into the football offseason / basketball / recruiting / baseball?, I've decided to open things back up in terms of recruiting to ODB itself.  I've done this a few times in the past and always gotten great responses.  Here's what I'm looking to do better in the coming year, and you can email me at OurDailyBears (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested in helping out.  If you already have and we talked about it briefly or I didn't respond, please do so again.  You have my most sincere apologies for not pursuing it further.  I guarantee you it was not intentional.  I'm still looking for as many passionate, knowledgeable contributors as I can find.  But here's what I'm interested in doing better:

-- WBB coverage (I get a lot of emails wondering why I don't give this more attention, so I want to)
-- Recruiting coverage (in terms of who we have, who we need, strengths/weaknesses, general analysis)
-- Offseason football analysis (pretty general, but I'm always looking for more people to write about football)
-- Photoshops (what can I say, people love hilarious images)
-- Day-to-day news coverage (someone to help with breaking news, fanshots, things happening RIGHT NOW that I don't get to as quickly as I should)

I know that doesn't provide a ton of direction, but hopefully it gives you some idea and maybe catches your eye.  If you have an idea for something you want to see that isn't listed, please share it in the comments below!


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