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1.03.2014 Lunchtime Links: Art Briles ain't going nowhere

It's been an interesting Friday already with huge news for Baylor fans.

Christian Petersen

A few hours and over 2,000 retweets later, this tweet still says just about everything Baylor fans wanted to head into the weekend:

Yesssssssssssss...  I even brought out my favorite post to celebrate.

Anyway, in other news around ODB, I noticed this morning that we're about to pass 4 million historic pageviews, another amazing milestone.  If trends hold, it will happen some time in the next week.  That makes our trajectory...

1 million: ~15 months
2 million: ~7 months
3 million: > 2 months
4 million: < 2 months

That's growth, baby!

Also, just in case anyone was curious, the most-viewed posts in ODB in 2013:
1.  The Waco Riverfront Development -- July 1, 2013.
2. Andrew Billings is hella-strong -- March 23, 2013.
3. Gary Patterson calls out Briles, Dixon -- November 30, 2013
4. Chrome Gold Helmet = Yessir. -- January 19, 2013
5. Baylor pulling the tarp for OU -- October 30, 2013
6. Now We're Here -- Season Recap -- December 10, 2013

I went to 6 so Ted's video could make the cut.  There's a fairly large grouping after that, mostly made up of recent posts.  You guys know how much I love looking at the numbers.


Statement From Art Briles - Baylor Bears Official Athletic Site -
I have no desire to pursue other coaching positions, Baylor coach Art Briles said Friday.

Art Briles shoots down Texas rumors for good: 'I am a Baylor Bear' -
A report said Wednesday he would accept the job if offered to him. Whether Briles' denial means the job wasn't offered to him or not, he's staying in Waco.

Baylor coach Briles says 'no desire' for other job - Yahoo Sports
Baylor coach Art Briles said Friday he has no desire to pursue another job and plans to lead the defending Big 12 champion Bears into their new stadium next fall.

The 2014 Sugar Bowl Numerical: Stoops laughs last, Oklahoma prepares for hype -
"Big Game Bob" Stoops still has some tricks left in Norman. The Sooners beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, winning their second straight game as a double-digit underdog. They probably won't be underdogs much in 2014.

The big 2014 Orange Bowl breakdown: Clemson vs. Ohio State -
This is perhaps the most intriguing Orange Bowl in years, pitting two teams with similar matchups -- explosive, fun offenses against not-so-risk-averse defenses -- and one enormous tie to history.

The big 2014 Cotton Bowl breakdown: Who leaves Jerry World with a top-10 ranking? -
Two old conference mates face off in the Cotton Bowl with a potential spot in the top 10 on the line.

Briles says he’s staying at Baylor, has ‘no desire’ to seek other jobs - Baylor Bears Football
Baylor coach Art Briles said in a statement Friday morning that he has no interest in pursuing other coaching jobs.

Bears struggle to accept Fiesta Bowl loss, process season - Baylor Bears Football
GLENDALE, Ariz. — In the aftermath of a 52-42 loss to Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl, it was hard for Baylor to put in perspective how much it had accomplished this season.

No. 9 Baylor 92, Kansas State 63: No nerves on road trip - Lady Bears Basketball
MANHATTAN, Kan. — Baylor looked at home in its first true road game of the season.