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Lunchtime Links: Bye Week Blues, Baylor Injury Report, and Meet the Press?

Not totally sure if we're going to get a Meet the Press today considering it's a bye week, but in case we do, I'll post the worthwhile information here. Also, the updates we have on Baylor's injury situation.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Just a reminder, we have one game in the next three weeks with byes sandwiching our game next week against the ULM Warhawks.  That means no Baylor this week.  It's going to be hard, and I'm not sure how we're going to make it, but we have to.  Otherwise, we'll end up with you guys calling me Ralph and all of us fighting over the Conch.  As for the ULM game...

So that's another nationally-televised game!  Will we get Mark Followill and Baldy again?  The rest of our schedule...

Bears Football Schedule

Wofford Sat 08/31 W 69 - 3
Buffalo Sat 09/07 W 70 - 13
ULM Sat 09/21 TBA
West Virginia Sat 10/05 TBA
@ Kansas St. Sat 10/12 TBA
Iowa St. Sat 10/19 TBA
@ Kansas Sat 10/26 TBA
Oklahoma Thu 11/07 6:30 PM CST
Texas Tech Sat 11/16 TBA
@ Oklahoma St. Sat 11/23 TBA
@ TCU Sat 11/30 TBA
Texas Sat 12/07 TBA

Injury Report (as much as we know):

Because people keep asking me on twitter...

Jordan Najvar (Back) -- Latest news is that he has a "fractured transverse process" and will be back in four weeks.  These are words that have meaning, but I don't know what it is. So I googled it.

You have fractured a transverse spinous process. There are two transverse processes that extend off each vertebra, one on each side. This is where the muscles and ligaments of the back attach to the spine. One of these muscles is the psoas muscle, which controls the forward bending motion of the upper body and thighs...

This injury will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal and can be treated at home with bed rest and pain medicine. Pain medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine (such as ibuprofen) can be used for a short term. A back brace (called TSLO) or abdominal binder may be prescribed to reduce pain by limiting motion at the fracture site.

Last I heard, it will be four weeks.  That would put him back for Kansas State, a little over a month from today.

Demetri Goodson (Arm) -- Sat out again vs. Wofford for the same deep bone bruise.  Should be back for the ULM game.

Glasco Martin (Ankle) -- Re-aggravated his ankle injury against Wofford, limiting him to just one carry in the game.  Given a week off to recuperate, he should be ready against ULM.

Trevor Clemons-Valdez (Knee) -- Injured early on and replaced by Suleiman Masumbuko.  Sprained his knee, apparently.  No word on timetable, but he's got 3+ weeks before we probably need him again.

Gus Penning (Foot) -- Suddenly, our TE depth is a bit of a problem.  Will be interesting to see whether Tre'von Armstead or Pat Colbert moves outside for blocking purposes.

I think that's it.  If we have a Meet the Press today, I'm sure we'll get more information about these guys, Najvar especially, and I will update the thread.

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Perhaps the pressure we've been putting on the ESPN Big 12 blog is starting to pay off a bit?  Check back for more info as we go through the day.