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9.5.2013 Daily Bears Report: Buffalo Previews, Podcastin', Ahmad Dixon on #AskBears

It's time once again for your favorite part of every morning: the Daily Bears Report! .

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Getting right to it this morning, and you have me instead of Kate because school is an awful mistress, watch this video.

I forgot to send Ahmad a question about his spirit animal like I did Lache.  In the comments, give me your thoughts on what his spirit animal might be, should he have one.  I'm going to go with a liger.

OurDailyPodcast4.0 has been recorded and submitted for editing, so look out for that.  It's our best show yet, I think, but if you were looking for us to shorten things up a bit, I believe you will be disappointed.


Full college football TV schedule, Week 2: What to watch in every time slot - -- This is your best possible resource for what to watch this weekend as you sit down to enjoy college football.  As you should, because you are an American.  Plus, I'm not entirely sure how Jadeveon Clowney didn't win a Heisman for the picture on this article alone.

S11 Baylor vs Buffalo Preview 2013 -- The single best preview on the web for this game, and that includes the one I will publish in just a few minutes after I finish it. Read this.  It might be subscription-only.  If it is, you can subscribe to BearsTruth for free for the rest of the season.  We've talked about that before.

Big 12 predictions: Week 2 -- The second week of college football is here, see who David Ubben picked to win this week.

HATIN-ASS SPURRIER WOULD LIKE TO HOLD COURT - Every Day Should Be Saturday -- CROWIN' AIN'T CROWIN' IF YOU CAN BACK IT UP.  Whatever you say, EDSBS. From The Other Side: Buffalo -- Good stuff, definitely subscription-only.  They also have a deal running for the next few months, I believe.

What to watch in the Big 12: Week 2 - ESPN -- I've been hard on the new guys at the Big 12 blog, but I think they're improving.  Give them another chance.

Big 12 football predictions: Week 2 - ESPN -- See? Predicting Baylor wins 51-17.  They can't be all bad, right?

Big 12 chat wrap: Texas QB David Ash, TCU Horned Frogs QBs, West Virgi - ESPN -- From the blog, as well.  I shot them a few questions, so see if you can figure out which one I am from the complete transcript.

Baylor defense looked impenetrable in opener - Baylor Bears Football -- Indeed it did, Waco Trib.  Indeed it did.

And that's pretty much it.  Look out for the Buffalo preview dropping within the next hour or so as I put on the finishing touches.

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