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09.25.2013 Daily Bears Report, Early Edition

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech fans are mad, for some reason.

There's not a lot out there yet this morning about the Bears, but here's what there is: Baylor's offense is faster than ever this season, and the defense might be good enough that simply outscoring the opponent might not be necessary. Baylor and West Virginia played an insanely offense filled game last year, where West Virginia jumped out to a third quarter lead and the Bears never recovered. This year, only one of these teams looks like it has elite firepower.

Men's basketball was picked as an "honorable mention" by Sports Illustrated as their college basketball blog examines the top 20 programs in the country. Though the Bears may be "nouveau riche," they've shown in the past that they can win.

Volleyball worked their way to .500 before conference play, defeating UTSA 3-1 last night at the Ferrell Center. Junior Nicole Bardaji led the team with 16 kills, and sophomore Amy Rosenbaum earned her first career double double, registering 50 assists and 19 digs. The Bears take on Iowa State in Ames next Saturday to open conference play.

FInally, this, from Peter:

Once again, it's recording day for OurDailyPodcast! Tonight, Matt T. Wilson (sitting in for Mark) joins Prashanth and I as we welcome Dan Rubenstein to the show! We've gotten some good questions and a couple of voicemails, but we can use a few more! Send us your No Huddle questions and regular comments and questions to OurDailyPodcast (at) gmail (dot) com. Bring the funny and/or interesting! We're counting on you.

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