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Baylor's First Bye Week: The Morning After

So Baylor didn't play anyone yesterday, regardless how much we wanted them to. But the news never stops, and our conference had an ... up and down day yesterday. Depending on your perspective, it might have been great, terrible, or anywhere in between.

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George Frey

Because we didn't play, I don't have any highlights, major contributors, or box scores to show you of note. I'm sorry. In my mind's eye, Lache Seastrunk went for about 250 on someone, we'll call them the Lexas Tonghorns, Bryce Petty threw for a quiet 300, and the team as a whole went over 600 yards again. Let's just go with that for now.

As for Big 12 action, Grin & Bear It already has you covered with a full wrap from this week's games, plus his thoughts on how the conference is shaking out. imahammeru has his weekly fanpost up, as well, with reactions from around our brother/sister blogs for the various Big 12 teams. Be sure to check those out. Huge props to both for doing them.

Now that we're back into another Baylor game week, you probably saw the ULM SB Nation preview back on the front page. It will be in the layout all week, so familiarize yourself with it. This week should be a little different than most in that we don't have a game yesterday to talk about, so I'll probably get the ULM preview started a little early. I've already made the Baylor vs. ULM hub to contain all the action, and it will be in the layout, as well.

For a little personal news, now is as good a time as any to tell you that next week is going to be a little different from what you've probably become accustomed to here at ODB. My family is taking our first family vacation ever, to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and we will be gone from Sunday through Friday. We're actually leaving late Saturday night after the ULM game concludes.

I'll be emailing the contributors this week to talk about the plan, but my hope is that we can keep things going on about the same schedule. Obviously, my access to the board will be at least somewhat limited, but I'll still have my phone/tablet/laptop and will be around somewhat. The blog itself is not shutting down or anything close. We've just never gotten the opportunity to take William anywhere, because of his condition, and this trip came together in a way we couldn't pass up. We'll talk more about it as we get closer to next weekend.


With new, post-Week 3 rankings to come shortly, I won't spend a lot of time on this today. Instead, read Spencer Hall's recap of the Top 25 action this week. I'll post the rankings as soon as they are available. Baylor should be pretty safe-- one of the unwritten rules in ranking is that you don't drop teams very far, if at all, that don't play that week-- but it will be interesting to see who jumps us. I have a feeling Ole Miss will.

The top 25 scores review: Michigan disposes of hapless foe with ease* -
Just another classic Alabama football game. The Week 4 polls aren't out yet, so let's review how last week's did.

UPDATE: Baylor has jumped 2 spots in the AP Poll to #20, just ahead of Ole Miss. So I was wrong on that.

AP Top 25 poll, Week 4: Alabama holds, Texas A&M slips after showdown - -- After a big win over Texas A&M, the Tide reign supreme.


SAGARIN LOVES BAYLOR. -- A lot. He has us #3 in his Elo Chess ranking, which is what goes into the BCS format.

'That Just Happened' in this week of college football -- Ubbykins (FSSW)-- College football has plenty of pageantry and tradition, but it has plenty off oddities on (and near) the field, too.

Week 3 thoughts from across the Big 12 -- Ubbykins (FSSW) -- We're through three weeks in the Big 12, and here's a few thoughts on the week across the conference.

Big 12 helmet stickers: Week 3 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN -- Recognizing the best and brightest from around the Big 12 in Week 3: QB Blake Bell, Oklahoma Turns out Bell is a better passer than anyone realized.

What we learned in the Big 12: Week 3 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN -- Here's what we learned from Week 3 in the Big 12, in which only four undefeated teams are left standing.

Mack Brown after Ole Miss loss: 'We can get all this righted by winning the Big 12' - -- The longtime Longhorn head coach chases a conference title and channels ODB in explaining a blowout home loss to Ole Miss.

Here's my reaction to that statement, Mack:


Texas A&M couldn't beat Alabama, so who's left on the schedule that can? - -- Alabama is still the best team in the country after escaping from College Station with a win, but the team's weaknesses are out in the open. Let's take a look at the Tide's cracks, and whether one of their future opponents can take advantage.

Wisconsin, Arizona State, and how not to end a football game -
No one is really sure what happened at the end of the Wisconsin v. Arizona State game. But we'll try and make some sense of it.

And that's it so far.


Here was my reaction to this:


Texas State coming on strong this season.

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