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9.12.2013 Daily Bears Report: $EC $candal, Cordell Dorsey gone, Big 12 links in a bye week

So I woke up this morning to check my schedule and, apparently, bye weeks actually do last a week. So we're still in the middle of one. And that's probably why traffic has gone down a bit here this week. It's ok, though! We're coming back strong today with Big 12 play.

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We're going to jump right into this today.  I'll be throwing a ton of links at you, so be ready.  This is not your mama's DBR.  Your mama don't work here.

Before I do that, though, I think it's time to watch our Buffalo highlights again.  We've been too long without football already.

I don't know about you guys, but I feel refreshed.


SEC PLAYERS TOOK MONEY FROM AGENTS, I'LL WAIT WHILE YOU'RE SHOCKED -- SB Nation:  The original story is from Yahoo! with their crazy band of investigative reporters whose mere names strike fear into the heart of every program in the country.  They even might have rattled Nick Saban himself (Yahoo!).

FULL TV SCHEDULE FOR WEEK 3, STARTING TONIGHT WITH TCU - TECH -- SB Nation: I'm trying to arrange a preview of this game for this afternoon so we have a bit to munch on.

WHAT TO WATCH IN THE BIG 12 -- ESPN.COM : They're getting better, very slowly.

BIG 12 WEEK 3 PREDICTIONS -- ESPN.COM: It scores my soul that there isn't a Baylor game to predict.  I need the points.  I need the flare.

STATS THAT DEFINED THE BIG 12 IN WEEK 2 -- ESPN.COM: Well, that's at least something.

BIG 12 STORYLINES -- UBBYKINS: It's so comfortable, familiar.

BIG 12 PREDICTIONS: WEEK 3 -- UBBYKINS: There he is again.  Like a warm blanket.

OLE MISS AND HUGH FREEZE, TALKING DEFENSE -- FootballStudyHall:  Just a little piece on the Ole Miss -- Texas game this weekend, suddenly The Most Important Game in Longhorn History.

CHARLES BARKLEY (NOTED AUBURN ALUM) DRIVEN TO ALABAMA FANDOM -- SB Nation:  I know how you feel, Chuck, except for the whole "beloved millionaire former-basketball player" thing.

PRIDE OF THE CITY -- SB Nation Longform:  Just read it.

BCF TOYS -- OKLAHOMA STATE -- -- Something I found that was pretty cool.  Baylor is on there.

Ok, now I want to talk about something else.  In case you've never seen them, the Texas A&M blog "GoodBullHunting" does a really great feature every week called "The Tailgate."  To put it mildly, this week's edition is probably better than I've ever done on this site, combined.  I've been beating the drum pretty loudly since they started about doing something similar here.

I don't have the expertise to do that, and I know that finding someone who does, along with the will, won't come cheap.  I'm prepared for that.  If you think you can do something similar and want to try, email me. You know the address.

That's it for now!  Oh, Cordell Dorsey is done.

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