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09.10.2013 Daily Bears Report, Early Edition

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Now is when we start looking at the advanced forecasts, hoping they foretell highs that start with 8.

Vitek's GutPaks might be the only think capable of slowing down Baylor's offense, while Bryce Petty seems to be stepping not only into Nick Florence's estimable shoes, but those of RGIII before him. ESPN's All-Access filmed an episode here on Baylor's campus last week, and the 30-minute show will air tomorrow at 4:00 PM CT on ESPNU

Baylor Men's and Women's golf both played in early season tournaments this weekend, with the men placing second in the Gopher Invitational at Windsong Farm Golf Club and the women currently sitting in ninth after two rounds of play at the Cougar Classic at Yeamans Hall Club. Baylor had four players in the top ten at the Gopher invitational, including a fourth-place finish for senior Jerry Ruiz. Lady Bears' freshman Hadas Libman currently sits in 9th overall place, only five strokes behind the leaders.

Baylor Athletics packed 108,864 meals for the charity Feed My Starving Children yesterday, effectively feeding 298 children for a year.

Fellow Big-12 school Oklahoma State's football program was investigated for 10 months by Sports Illustrated, and the first part of their findings was published today. SB Nation's Jason Kirk's reaction can be found here and EDSBS's Spencer Hall reacts here.

Finally, here is an interesting and thought provoking piece by ESPN's ombudsman, Robert Lipsyte, on whether the World Wide Leader should continue to use the "Washington Redskins" when referring to the D.C. area's NFL franchise.

Podcast time again!

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