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8.29.2013 Daily Bears Report: Staff Season Predictions, Breakout Players, CFB Pick 'Em

We're now two days away from our Baylor Bears taking the field against the hated Terriers of Wofford College, and there's a lot to talk about. First up: staff season predictions


Over the last few days, I've been collecting the season predictions from the various and sundry (especially Miles, he's totes sundry) members of the ODB staff. I considered making an entirely new thread where we could talk about those in isolation, but I didn't want to push good content off the home page, so I decided to do it in today's DBR.

In case you haven't listened, you can catch game-by-game predictions from Prashanth, Peter, and myself, as well as's Brian Ethridge, in the latest OurDailyPodcast, posted last night. Just a quick recap of those predictions here:

Peter Pope (pbpope) : 12-0, Baylor plays in its first ever Rose Bowl against an undisclosed foe.
Prashanth Francis: 9-3, Baylor loses to Kansas State, TCU, and Oklahoma State.
Mark C. Moore: 10-2, Baylor loses to TCU and Oklahoma State. I predicted a close, thrilling win over OU to get to 8-0.

Those are all in the podcast with much more detail and explanation. Check it out. As for everyone else, of the people who responded to my email...

TED HARRISON (9-3): Ted says Baylor will race out to 8-0, including a win over Oklahoma, before falling in three in a row to Texas Tech, TCU, and Oklahoma State. We then rally against Texas in the final game at FCS to earn another trip to the Alamo Bowl. His more generalized predictions:

General Predictions:
1) Robert Griffin III will be ready for week one.
2) J.J. Joe will say "touchdown" before John Morris can on 95% of scoring plays.
3) Lache Seastrunk will have three full out hurdles this season.
4) Bryce Petty will tweet about a Disney movie on a game day.
5) Ahmad Dixon will give the pencil back that my brother loaned him in class.
6) Art Briles will accidentally pull his sleeves up once.
7) Everyone will hate me when I start posting about basketball in the middle of the football season.

I'd say #4 and #7 are locks, personally.

KATE MORRISON (9-3): Kate doesn't like the look of either Oklahoma team, predicting we lose to one and beat the other in some fashion. She's also predicting losses to Kansas State and TCU.

MILES KELLY (12-1): Baylor's lone loss will come in spectacularly Baylor-esque fashion, as we score late on a Lache Seastrunk scamper to take the lead, then give up either a long return or a hilariously short kick (I'm not sure which) that puts Oklahoma State close to field goal range with enough time left to make up the gap. A 1-loss Baylor team plays Sakerlina in the Sugar Bowl, leading to this...

Glasco Martin comes into the bowl game running at his very angriest, perhaps because no one paid him any attention all season with LacHeisman around. In the second quarter, Glasco runs up the gut and collides with Jadeveon Clowney. The force of the impact is so great, that it creates a tear in the space time continuum, throwing us all into a parallel universe where Baylor is the perennial football power in the state of Texas, and out-recruits rivals like Texas on a regular basis...

COLBY CONNER (10-2) : Colby likes our defense's improved pass rush and has the Bears dropping 2 games in the regular season.

Basically everyone sent me much more than I'm giving you here, and I hope they feel free to share more of their thoughts in the comments than I did. It was great stuff, all around.


Not a ton out there this morning, but a few links of note, specifically from the mothership at

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ROBBIE RHODES A BREAKOUT STAR ( -- Let's have a little fun with this idea. In the poll below, I've listed most of the potential breakout players for Baylor this year, offense and defense. Vote for which one you think we'll truly remember from this season. I'm not including Bryce Petty for obvious reasons.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL'S GRID OF SHAME (WallStreetJournal) -- Wow. Look at us, up there in the Admirable and Powerhouse quandrants. That's something, right?


According to several of the subscription boards, senior CB Tyler Stephenson is redshirting this year, meaing he'll be back in 2014 and should provide additional senior depth in that class. This is a very good thing, as I talked about in the CB Position Preview, since he could be the only scholarship upperclassmen CB on the roster.


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