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8.26.2013 Daily Bears Report: Site News, Podcast, and GAME WEEK

Can you believe it? We're five nights away from Wofford. Five nights away from Baylor Football. Only 3 nights away from other, lesser games of football, if you are so inclined to watch. But before we get there: news and notes.

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Before you do anything else, you're supposed to watch this.  So let's watch it together and then maybe never mention it again?

I'm just kidding.  Baylor Proud made that in celebration of the first day of the 2013-2014 academic year, which is today.  Think about that for a second-- the freshman who are beginning their Baylor tenures today were probably born in either 1994 or 1995.  They've never lived in a world without, at the very least, decent internet access.  I'm not trying to go all "back in my day" on you, it's just amazing to me.  I started my own Baylor journey almost exactly 10 years ago today, in 2003.  Let's move on before I get all nostalgic.


This week's podcast is going to be up a day earlier because of scheduling issues than the last two iterations.  We're recording tomorrow night, rather than Wednesday, and we'll be previewing Wofford.  That accelerates my timetable a bit on previewing the team here, but it's not a big deal.  I'll put up the First Look this afternoon, then we can go deeper tomorrow.  Episode 2 of the Podcast is doing extremely well, and is always available for you to catch up, should you have missed it.

I'm still looking for someone to fit into the weekly rotation doing a roundup of Big 12 games of the week.  This doesn't have to be a huge project or time commitment at all.  What I have envisioned is a post on Sunday or Monday of each week summarizing that week's Big 12 games (or games involving Big 12 teams) with links to the appropriate SB Nation blogs.  If you want to take it bigger, we can work together to make that happen.  If not, something to let the people around here know what went down in the conference is all I'm asking for.  Email me at OurDailyBears @ Gmail dot com if you are interested in helping out.


BAYLOR TURNED BIG CORNER WITH BRILES (San Antonio Express) -- Ten years ago, almost to the day, I watched my first game as a Baylor student, a loss to UAB.  The next week, I went to my first away game, and UNT beat us something like 100 to -12.  Now, we're getting legitimate national buzz and are considered a dark horse not only for our conference, but for a BCS bowl.  That's pretty amazing.

EAST RIVER TRAIL EXTENSION APPROVED (WacoTrib) -- So now you'll be able to walk to the Stadium from the restaurants further up the east side of the river.  Neat.

FIRST LOOK: WOFFORD (Baylor Scout) -- I won't say anything about the fact that Scout blatantly stole the name of my first look pieces, mostly because I stole it from someone else.  This one is free.  You should read it.

BIG 12 FOOTBALL POWER RANKINGS, PRESEASON ( -- That's right.  David Ubben wrote that piece.  David Ubben, the progenitor of the Big 12 blog, wrote that piece for FSSW.  This is how dreams die.

THE LARIAT PREVIEWS BAYLOR FOOTBALL (Baylor Lariat) -- You can click on the sublinks to get to different positions, should you choose.

SEASTRUNK, PETTY HIT STRIDE IN LAST SCRIMMAGE (WacoTrib) -- This took place Friday.  I'm highlighting it now because I need someone to say something negative about Bryce Petty.  He's not supposed to be handling his promotion so well.

One thing that is somewhat hilarious to me about Petty is how "regular guy"-ish he appears to be, especially on twitter.  He's not tweeting out inspirational messages or Bible verses, and he's not calling out haters or talking about partying with Drake.  Instead, he's talking about laying in warm clothes from the dryer and people watching.  This is the starting QB for one of the best offenses in the country.

SPEAKING OF PETTY-- HE WANTS TO BE A LEGEND (Startlegram) -- Bryce Petty: He is Legend.

2013 CFB COUNTDOWN ( -- I think it might finally be done.  Bask in the awesomeness that is this project, start to finish.

HOW CAN TCU BEAT LSU? (FootballStudyHall) -- Because we all want that to happen.

2014 NFL DRAFT TOP 100 ( -- Lache Seastrunk is on there at #17.

DMN PROJECTS ODDS FOR BAYLOR PREDICTIONS ( -- To be clear, DMN, you think Bryce Petty has better odds of breaking every Baylor offensive record than Lache Seastrunk does at winning the Heisman?  And almost 3 times better odds?

STRENGTHS / WEAKNESSES AFTER CAMPBU (WacoTrib) -- I like that the OL has come together well.  That's critical.

THE MORE I HEAR ABOUT DAMIYNE DURHAM, THE MORE I LIKE HIM (WacoTrib) -- And that's about it for today.  Have a great Monday!