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8.19.2013 Daily Bears Report: 2 Bears on CBS' All-American List

We've got a ton of links this Monday morning coming off Baylor's second scrimmage and the first chance many media members had to look at the new Baylor Stadium. Plus, a few things from our friends on other SB Nation blogs!


First and foremost, hit the links at the bottom of this page for the latest content from ODB. Also, go take a look at the latest recruiting updates from this weekend. There's a bit of good info about 2014 and 2015 prospects, especially running backs, in there. We also started up the defensive side of the ball this morning in the ODB Community Projections, so that's fun. It's a new week and we are 12 days out from Baylor Football!

Now to the news...

LACHE SEASTRUNK AND CYRIL RICHARDSON ARE CBSSPORTS ALL-AMERICANS ( -- I'm telling you guys, there's something going on between Baylor Football and CBSSports. I think we may see a letter jacket exchange hands sometime in the near future. Tevin Reese also made the Second Team, making Baylor the only team in the Big 12 Conference with 3.

BAYLOR ENVISIONS SMOOTH SAILING ON VOYAGE TO NEW STADIUM ( -- Really laying on the nautical theme there, Startlegram.


PETTY CRISP IN BAYLOR'S SECOND SCRIMMAGE (WacoTrib) -- Put aside your reservations about Bryce Petty. He's the real deal. Interestingly, Andrew Billings' broken nose required surgery, and he's out until the middle of this week.

NEW STADIUM TOO HOT FOR BRILES TO VISIT (WacoTrib) -- Have to be honest, that's a bit strange. But I dig it.

BRYCE PETTY IN POSITION TO SUCCEED AS BAYLOR QB ( -- No idea who these guys are.

BAYLOR OL FINDING COMFORT IN NEW POSITIONS (WacoTrib) -- Good info here about the changes we had to make on the OL after Troy Baker went down.

GEORGIA AND THE 3-4 DEFENSE (ShakinTheSouthland) -- Good look at the 3-4. This isn't really germane to Baylor, but it was interesting, nonetheless.

2013 FBS COLLEGE FOOTBALL MEDIA GUIDES (FootballStudyHall) -- Thought this might be a good reference. I'll keep this link handy.

BILL SNYDER IS A WARLOCK (FootballStudyHall) -- It's time to stop denying it.

COMPUTERS LIKE BAYLOR, DON'T LOVE US ( -- Simulated BCS rankings have Baylor at #23 after the season with the computers putting us in the late teens. Oh, and other schools are there, too.

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