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8.15.2013 Daily Bears Report: Dallas Morning News Previews the 2013 Baylor Bears

There's not a ton going on this morning in the world of Baylor Athletics (that we know about, anyway), so I thought I'd post the voluminous DMN Preview of the 2013 Baylor Bears!


I know what you're thinking-- you don't like the Dallas Morning News because they're in DFW and therefore slanted to TCU.  Perish that thought!  They've been covering Baylor Football all summer in the most positive of lights, culminating in what might be, aside from here at ODB, the largest collection of material on Baylor on the web. There are dozens of links for your perusal, perhaps as you sip fine champagne and think longingly of the season to come.

The latest from the DMN focuses on our new starting QB, Bryce Petty, and his quest to prove himself.  Speaking of Petty-- just a few minutes ago, Rich Cirminiello compared Petty on twitter to Donovan McNabb.  No matter what you think of McNabb, personally, yes, I think we'd take that in a heartbeat.

OTHER NEWS (this is now a DBR):

COULD BRYCE PETTY BE THE NEXT MANZIEL? ( Clearly not.  His penmanship is reportedly awful.

BAYLOR'S DEFENSE NEEDS TO IMPROVE ON THIRD DOWNS ( -- This story is actually just repeated from each of the last 15 years or so.


YOUNG BACKS HOPE TO PROVIDE DEPTH (WacoTrib) -- I like seeing Devin Chafin and Rashodrick Linwood (SHOCK!) get a little press.  Both have been extremely impressive so far in camp.

DAVID UBBEN SAYS WE HAVE THE THIRD-BEST WRs IN THE CONFERENCE ( -- Skeptical hippo is skeptical, David.

UBBEN ALSO HAD US LOSING TO OKLAHOMA THIS SEASON TO FALL TO 8-1 ( -- It's like I don't even know you, anymore.  Yeah, this was last week.  I haven't done a DBR in a while.

MADDUXSPORTS PREVIEWS THE BEARS -- I have no idea what MadduxSports is.

By the way, we recorded the first OurDailyPodcast last night!  I think it went pretty well, and I sincerely hope people enjoy it.  We're new at this, so be gentle, if you didn't.