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7.8.2013 Daily Bears Report: RGIII gets married, Watch Lists galore, and state Twitter rankings

Baylor's finest ambassador got married this holiday weekend to his longtime girlfriend in a beautiful ceremony in Denver, Colorado. Art Briles was there, even if none of us were.


RGIII GETS MARRIED -- Attaboy, Robert! Congratulations!

Those two guys. Just look at them, being awesome. Ken Starr and Scott Drew also made it.

BAYLOR ATHLETICS' ERA OF PEACE AND PROSPERITY -- Or, as I like to call it, the Baylor Renaissance.

ART BRILES ONE OF THE TEN BEST COACHES IN AMERICA -- #10, actually. That's a pretty good place to be.

SIMILARITY RANKINGS -- Another piece from FootballStudyHall. This one is of minimal relevance to Baylor Football, but here we are.

HOW TEAMS SPEND THE RECRUITING MONEYS -- The fact that Baylor is a private school accountable to basically no one (outside of the school) when it comes to spending money means we don't make lists like this. I'd imagine we'd do pretty well, though.

BRYCE HAGER ON THE BEDNARIK WATCH LIST -- That's the official release from Baylor about it. Here's the full list, courtesy of SB Nation.

LACHE SEASTRUNK ON THE MAXWELL WATCH LIST -- I initially didn't find him on there and got really pissed, especially when I saw that Jon freaking Huber was on there from Kansas State. But he's on there.

SEC STATES NEED TO FIND OTHER THINGS TO TWEET ABOUT -- They lead the way by a seemingly healthy margin in percentage of tweets about CFB. Probably because nobody tweets about eating raccoon or mudding.

NBA SUMMER LEAGUE SCHEDULES -- for Vegas and Orlando, just in case you were interested.

CARRY ON -- Probably the best thing you watched this weekend from ESPN, and if you didn't watch it, carve 20 minutes or so out of your day and watch it now. Seriously.