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7.3.2013 Daily Bears Report: July Stadium Update, DMN makes bold picks, and a little recruiting news

In this first DBR of July (because Mondays, right? And Tuesdays, I guess...), we look at the latest Baylor Stadium update, a bit of bad recruiting news from the class of 2013, and a few other things.

The parties at Willie Nelson's house are crazy.
The parties at Willie Nelson's house are crazy.

Right out of the gate, I want to point out that the video I put on Youtube (that I didn't make, let me be clear) of the Brazos Riverfront Development has almost 9,000 views already. I uploaded it Monday night. That post has been shared almost 2,400 times on facebook. It's been viewed over 10,000 times in the last 36 hours. That's fairly incredible. Moving on...

I'm going to do that thing where I sandwich bad news with good news so that the bad news seems less bad. It's a good way to deal with children who don't have the capacity to understand a bunch of things at once so you can tell them bad news without them freaking out. Not that you're children, or anything.


DARIUS MOORE NOT COMING TO BAYLOR THIS YEAR -- This is the bad news, as originally reported a few days ago by Baylor's Rivals site. Moore didn't get the test score he needed and will be enrolling at Navarro this coming semester. I'm looking and can't find the link, so just assume that it's true and they reported it first until I do. That's a bummer.

JEFFERSON AND SIMS REPPIN' TEAM USA -- Baylor basketballers Odyssey Sims and Cory Jefferson are on their way to Russia with Team USA (if they're not already there. I bet they are.). The link above is for the story about Sims, and here is the link about Jefferson.

DMN MAKING BOLD STATEMENTS ABOUT BAYLOR'S 2013 SEASON -- Including, but not limited to, Bryce Petty not throwing his first interception until we play OU in our eighth game of the season. Putting aside throwing a pick to OU, I'd take that, if offered. I'm afraid you're going to be wrong, DMN, about Baylor not having a 1,000 yard receiver. And on that note, I'm including a poll in this post to find out who people think it might be. Give me your vote and thoughts in the comments, if you would.

URBAN MEYER TURNED FLORIDA IN, MAYBE -- I just thought that was funny. It's not relevant to anything.

LACHE, CYRIL, AND AHMAD TO REPRESENT BAYLOR AT BIG 12 MEDIA DAYS -- Interesting that Briles isn't taking Bryce Petty, but not altogether surprising. I imagine he wants to keep the "So how are you handling all the pressure of being Baylor's new QB?" questions at bay. Only 2 QBs on the entire list going to media days this year.

LACHE SEASTRUNK THE BIG 12 HEISMAN SLEEPER -- among other types of "sleepers" identified by ESPN's pseudo-scientists.

BAYLOR PROTECTING ITS HOUSE -- Far better than Texas, anyway.

UBBEN PREDICTING THE 2013 SEASON -- I didn't realize he had started to do this again, but that's what I get for not doing any DBRs the last few days. You win some, you lose some. Baylor is 3-0 through the first four weeks of the season.

BRYCE PETTY IS LOSING A POLL ABOUT BIG 12 QBs -- And this cannot stand.

BAYLOR HAS TWO OF THE BIG 12'S MOST EXPLOSIVE PLAYERS -- But you knew that. Tevin Reese is pretty awesome.

NCAA SETTING PRECEDENTS AND TAKING NAMES -- It's about the Kim Mulkey thing from yesterday, as dumb as that was and continues to be.