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7.29.2013 Daily Bears Report: Helping CougCenter, Basketball Recruiting...

Another of SB Nation's outstanding blogs needs your help to help a child in need. That and much more in a Monday edition of the Daily Bears Report.


First off, I want to make note of the tremendous response to the Andrew Heard-led DBR from this past week. I didn't do anything special in it, nor did I say anything that I'd call inspiring or particularly poignant, but people seemed to enjoy it. That one DBR brought in over 2,000 pageviews and was shared several dozen times on twitter. I didn't expect that to happen. In case you want more information about Andrew's fight and how his family is doing in the aftermath of losing him last week, his wife, Bailey Heard, has an incredible blog where she shares her feelings about what has happened to her family. It's worth a visit or twenty.

COUGCENTER NEEDS YOUR HELP -- SB Nation's blog for the Washington State Cougars is trying to make a child's dreams come true. This actually went up on Friday, but I missed it at the time. You can still help now.

2013 CFB CONFERENCE PREDICTIONS -- I already put this in the fanshots, so you can comment there if you like. CBSSports posted their experts' predictions for each major conference in CFB this year, and two such experts picked the Bears. Bruce Feldman has always been a big fan of Art Briles, and as I've said before, can have a drink of his choice should he decide to come to Waco for a game.

HUNH OFFENSES-- MACRO ANALYSIS ON IMPACT TO DEFENSES -- Another of SB Nation's blogs is looking more scientifically at the oft-repeated claim that hurry-up, no-huddle offenses are somehow more dangerous for players. I, personally, think this idea, most forcefully repeated by Alabama's Nick Saban and Arkansas Sir Elephant Brett Bielema, is pure nonsense from a conference unaccustomed to seeing something new and not happy about getting its butt kicked by A&M (a Big 12-style team in every regard) last season.

HOW THE SEC BECAME THE BEST -- Speaking of the SEC, Forbes looks at the processes by which the SEC began to reign supreme. We won't talk about how that reign has become so ridiculously overblown or the myriad of events completely outside the control of SEC schools that had to happen exactly the right way.

KANSAS STATE HAD A GOOD WEEKEND -- Bringing in 5 new recruits for their 2014 class. Yay for the Wildcats, I guess.

STOOPS DIDN'T REALLY MEAN WHAT HE SAID DESPITE MEANING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID -- When he was talking about the whole "getting on board with tweeting recruits" thing. I might need to write about this soon.

BAYLOR LEADS FOR DE'AARON FOX -- Fox is a 2016 recruit. We still do not have a single commitment for our 2014 class.

WE ALSO LEAD FOR MARK VITAL, APPARENTLY-- (that's a link to his profile)

When we gon' get some 2014 'cruits up in here?