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7.26.2013 Daily Bears Report: Stadium Update, Baylor Football loses a brother in Andrew Heard

I haven't really made a big deal of his struggle with cancer here out of respect for his family and uncertainty over how public they wanted things to be, but former Texas Tech and Baylor football player Andrew Heard passed away this morning, a few months shy of his 31st birthday, from cancer.


Park Cities Baptist, where Andrew worked as a youth minister before he became sick again, posted the following to their facebook page this morning:

Many of you have been praying for our former High School Minister, Andrew Heard. Andrew passed away early this morning. Our hearts are breaking for this loss, but we are rejoicing in Andrew’s ultimate healing in Heaven. This is an excerpt from Andrew’s father’s Facebook post: "My baby boy went to be with Jesus about 7:20 this AM. The void left in this world by his loss will not be easily filled. The Kingdom of God will be forever blessed. Thank you for all the prayers and gifts."

Please continue to pray for Andrew’s wife Bailey, daughter Ellie, and his parents. A memorial service is planned for Saturday, August 3rd. Details are pending.

Memorials can be made to Ellie's Education Fund; to George Gardev's ministry in Bulgaria; or Immanuel Baptist Building fund in Paris, TX where Andrew’s brother-in-law, Eric Moore, is pastor.

I don't really have much else to say about this tragedy. Nothing really sounds "right" other than that my thoughts and prayers are with the Heard family, their friends, and loved ones this morning. If I can find links to the charities listed above, in case anyone wants to help, I'll post them here.

I do want to mention that a charitable group called "Fotolanthropy" was recently with the Heard family in Cuero to make a video about Andrew's life, so that should be forthcoming. They do amazing work, as my family found out personally from their video about my son, William.

Other than that, there's really not much news this morning to share outside of a couple of new videos from one about the masonry work going on at Baylor Stadium, and one wrapping up the Big 12 Media Days held earlier this week.

Oh, and Bryce Petty was nominated to the AFCA "Good Works" team.

Also, someone sent me a link this morning to a stats post over at "College Football By the Numbers" saying that Nick Florence was the best passer in the country last year. That's pretty cool.