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7.22.2013 Daily Bears Report: BIG 12 MEDIA DAYS!!!

So the Big 12 has a new logo, a conference commissioner on a mission to blow up the current NCAA framework, and a host of coaches out to prove that our conference totally doesn't suck. It's going to be a good week.

Let's get this out of the way first. The Big 12's Media Days are going on right now and SB Nation has you covered from all angles. There is a live feed streaming through the homepage with commentary from the site itself. The main CFB page will also be updated periodically with as much news as you can handle. Finally, in case you don't already, you should be following me on twitter. I will retweet things of interest as soon as I see them. So far we have...

A NEW BIG 12 LOGO -- It has a certain Iron Man quality to it that I like, although it will definitely reignite the whole Big 12 vs. Big XII controversy that never seems to go away.

BIG 12 MEDIA DAYS STREAM -- Here's the link I promised you. Don't say I don't deliver.

MEDIA DAYS SCHEDULE -- Art Briles, aka The Man Everyone Came To See, won't be appearing until tomorrow at 12:30. Plan your schedules accordingly.

BAYLOR's BIG 12 MEDIA DAYS HQ -- Devoted specifically to Baylor news at the Big 12 Media Days.

ODB MAILBAG -- The July edition is still going if you have questions.

REGENTS APPROVE ALUMNI CENTER -- Now I'm pumped. There's an updated rendering of what it might look like. The article confirms what we already knew, that the new addition won't be ready for 2014. 2015 is much more likeliy. Baylor had a release, as well.

MALIN LOVES BAYLOR'S POTENTIAL -- Our newest commit shares a bit on why he chose Baylor. He will play DT for the Bears. I won't say I called it. I might have called it.

BAYLOR A CONTENDER FOR SOSO JAMABO ($$) -- Jamabo is the top-ranked RB in the country for 2015 in a loaded Texas class. He visited unofficially last week and enjoyed himself immensely. I won't share the whole link with you because it is subscription-only, but I will share this:

"I really expected a normal campus. Nothing special,'' he said. "I thought it was going to be just the regular stuff that you see on any other campus. But you can see how it's built for size. The buildings are the same [architecture style] and everything is very organized and compact. Everything in Baylor stays in Baylor.''

There's better stuff than that, but I'm not giving away the milk for free! Here are his highlights from Youtube.

BAYLOR IS THE BIG 12'S BEST SHOT -- What you doin', Tulsa World?

IF YOU'RE BUYING THAT PLACE, WATCH FOR THE BOOBY TRAPS -- I thought this was somewhat humorous.

Finally, I'm going to share with you guys (and gals) a dream I had this weekend that almost freaked me out a bit in its realness. It was about this year's game vs. TCU. We won the game 44-10 with Bryce Petty throwing for 4 TDs and Lache Seastrunk running for another. Somehow, Stork hit 3 FGs. All of that happened in my dream in incredible detail. My wife says that dreaming about Baylor beating TCU means I spend too much time thinking about Baylor Athletics. WHATEVER, WIFE.

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