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6.03.2013 Daily Bears Report: SWEET SUMMERTIME!

With this, the first DBR of the month of June, we recognize the true beginning of summer as new Baylor athletes from all quadrants find themselves on-campus to start the best years of their lives.

This is obviously Richard Petty, not Bryce.  But I like to think Bryce will have that kind of swagger.
This is obviously Richard Petty, not Bryce. But I like to think Bryce will have that kind of swagger.
Chris Keane

If you've been following our new recruits, both basketball and football, on twitter, you know already that most, if not all, are either on their way to Waco or already there. Offseason workouts for football start tomorrow, as do, I believe, most classes in the first summer session. I care less about their academic pursuits than I probably should.

ISHMAIL COMETH: One player I'm particularly happy to have on campus this summer is 2013 basketball signee Ishmael Wainright, who, along with Johnathan Motley, arrived today. They're gearing up for their own offseason workouts, which I know nothing about.

As far as which players won't make it in, we just won't be able to make any definitive determinations about that until the second summer session. Most of the basketball recruits are going to be here today or tomorrow except for, apparently, Royce O'Neale. Most of the football recruits are either already here or will be shortly. The only ones I'm not 100% on right now are teammates Darius Moore and Maurice Porter, our two guards from this past class. I'm much more confident in Moore right now than I am Porter, but I'm not saying either doesn't make it. So don't say I said that.

PHIL STEELE PISSING PEOPLE OFF -- As David Ubben noted in the Big 12 blog, there was apparently some consternation following the promulgation of Phil Steele's preseason All-Big 12 teams last week. I'm not sure I really care other than that he loved Bryce Petty, as all reasonable people should.

BUSY WEEKEND FOR BAYLOR -- I'm an equal opportunity linker above all else, except connoisseur of's "What If" articles, so when gives love to Baylor for our recruiting momentum, I'm going to give them props.

SPEAKING OF RECRUITING -- If you somehow missed it, Baylor picked up three commits for 2014 this weekend. We've talked about it a bit. Others are talking, too, about Cordell Dorsey, Blake Blackmar, and Chad Adams (those are all separate links to articles).

U-S-A, C-O-R-Y! -- Baylor's Cory Jefferson has been invited to the USA Basketball Training Camp, which is a pretty big deal. Pierre gave him props on twitter about it.

MEANINGLESS ESPN.COM POLL WON -- Lache Seastrunk ran away with the preseason offensive player of the year voting on like it was a defender for Kansas State. I like to think we had a bit to do with that.

READ THIS BECAUSE IT'S HILARIOUS -- From last week on EDSBS: dive into the 1994 Arkansas recruiting video.

MAC ENGEL IS UPSET -- "Baylor is getting too much attention, and I don't like it!" -- Mac Engel, while sobbing and listening to Taylor Swift.

That's it for now.