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6.27.2013 Daily Bears Report: NBA Draft, Cory goes to Russia, and LacHeisman2013

Today is the Day of Days for Pierre Jackson, the date of the 2013 NBA Draft. Most still seem to have him pegged as a 2nd Round pick, but there are apparently a few teams at the bottom of the first looking at the electric Baylor PG.

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News about Baylor Football is relatively sparse lately, as you'd imagine in the offseason, so it's basically an all-Pierre DBR this morning. Let's get everything else out of the way first.

BAYLOR HAS THE BELT -- I've gone back and forth about this over the last 24 hours or so. I love the concept, don't get me wrong. I'm trying to figure out where we lose the Belt since we're probably not going to go undefeated. I'm down to either OU or OSU. We'll see.

LACHE A DARK HORSE FOR THE HEISMAN -- Yeah. Because he's awesome.

THE NEVER-WON-A-HEISMAN WATCH LIST -- I'm happy that we can never appear on this list again. Thank you, Robert Griffin. And thank you, Art Briles.

I HATE THE SOFT CUSHIONS, BUT MAYBE I SHOULDN'T -- Explaining the maddening tactic of the soft outside cushion, from


CFB GAMBLING LINES FOR 2013 -- Baylor has an O/U on wins of 7.5. Thoughts?

WBB HAS A FULL STAFF AGAIN-- Mulkey hired her two former head coaches in the last few days, bringing the staff back to full strength. This is the official release from Baylor about the acquisitions. Get recruiting, you two.

CORY IS GOING TO RUSSIA-- After making the first cut as a finalist for the World University Games roster, it appears Baylor PF Cory Jefferson made the final cut, as well. Scott Drew tweeted something yesterday that hints that way heavily, if it doesn't come right out and say it. Damn your double-talk, Drew!

Speaking of Cory, Andy Glockner had four tweets yesterday about how impressive he's looked in tryouts. I'll just post them here:

Ok, I'm intrigued...

I like what I'm hearing...

The Chair recognizes a motion to change 2Sleeves' nickname to Condor.

This was worth it.

BAYLOR FINALLY GOT AN R. CUNNINGHAM -- But it's a 2014 baseball recruit, not the football player we've coveted for months. And this one is Richard Cunningham, not Randall. I know almost nothing concrete about him.

OK, NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT PIERRE -- The NBA Draft is tonight on ESPN, and it appears Baylor PG Pierre Jackson has a chance at sneaking into the late first round, where he would receive a guaranteed contract. He would follow in the footsteps of Epke Udoh and Perry Jones III as recent Baylor players to have done so. Here are a few mock drafts/articles.

SB NATION -- Doesn't have Pierre in the first round.
USA TODAY -- Same.
SI.COM -- Ditto.
CBSSPORTS.COM -- Uhhh, no.
DRAFTEXPRESS -- YES! to the Suns at #30. Supposedly, they really like him, despite already having Kendall Marshall. He'll only get there if he doesn't already go to the Thunder at 29.