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6.25.2013 Daily Bears Report: The Jayhawk Network, Big 12 Previevws, and Paul L. Foster's Ascension

Ok, so I didn't post for three days and I don't have a good excuse beyond "stuff happened." I'm back now and ready to go. And I've been updating the recruiting thread despite not making any new front-page posts. You should keep checking that out.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

BIG 12 PREVIEWS DONE: SB Nation's Bill C has finished the portion of this year's CFB previews focusing on the Big 12, so 9 of our 12 opponents for 2013 are now ready for your consumption. This is a huge undertaking that you won't find anywhere else.

MOST ENTERTAINING CFB GAMES OF 2013: Does it surprise you that Baylor has 5 games in the top 25 for all of CFB and the entire B1G has 0? It shouldn't.

BAYLOR IS THE BEST IN TEXAS: In the Big 12. Over the last three years. And you know what? In 2013, too. I'm comfortable calling that right now.

THE JAYHAWK NETWORK: This is extremely interesting to me, since I've read other places that our existing Tier 3 package (recently signed with Fox) is of a very short term. Kansas being a relatively small player in college athletics, though still probably bigger than Baylor because of basketball alone, makes this an intriguing case study.

PAUL L. FOSTER ON THE BOR: Give money, get elected. Paul L. Foster is America. Paul L. Foster is Baylor. (I'm not saying anything remotely negative about Paul L. Foster.)

BAYLOR AND KENTUCKY 'CRUITIN' WITH THE BEST OF 'EM: That is a sentence nobody probably expected to hear 4 years ago. Or maybe even 4 months ago.

RULE CHANGE IN COLLEGE BBALL: I'm going to need someone to explain this one to me.


He received that honor for...

So, Trayvon ... do you play football?

BAYLOR FOOTBALL RISES:Literally, the new stadium is rising over the trees and is almost now visible from the Highers Complex. That's pretty cool.

And that's all I have for today. Sorry about not posting for three days. That's inexcusable.