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6.21.2013 Daily Bears Report: Non-conference Schedules, Ed O'Bannon, and ESPN being ESPN

Not much going on in the Baylor world once again, but there are a few links worthy of note from other areas. And I promise I won't rub salt in the wounds of however many Spurs fans we have around here.

I'm not entirely sure what Glasco was doing here.
I'm not entirely sure what Glasco was doing here.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

CFB ENTERTAINMENT INDEX -- This is something I was hoping to see at some point: the statheads over on the mothership created a metric to determine how entertaining teams are, with only a slight influence of actual strength thrown in for good measure. Baylor makes the list, as you knew it would. Definitely worth a read.

BAYLOR BANDWAGON GETTIN' FULL -- The WacoTrib put up a post yesterday about our already-loaded recruiting class and how it only looks to get better. Things have obviously slowed down on that front, and I hope the natives here aren't getting too restless.

NEW ESPN 300 OUT -- Baylor has 2 commits in the latest ESPN 300: WR/S Davion Hall and LB James David.

ED O'BANNON VS. THE NCAA -- This is SB Nation's storystream for the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, the one that has the potential to remake the NCAA as we know it. There's a lot going on in this case that is worth your attention, so check back on that often. I can't overstate how important this case could be.

MCCAW HONORED BY UMASS AMHERST -- Baylor AD Ian McCaw, who is incidentally on twitter now as @BU_AD1, was honored yesterday by his alma mater. On the twitter thing, was there already a BU_AD? If so, why?

GAME 7 OF THE NBA FINALS PREVIEW -- Yeah, I know this game already happened. I'm sorry I didn't post this before that. It's still a good read, even after knowing how things turn out.

ESPN CUTS OFF BILL SIMMONS -- Speaking of Game 7, did anybody catch how ESPN had very convenient "technical issues" right when Bill Simmons was going to talk about The Decision? Like that wasn't intentional. Sure.

CLIFF ALEXANDER'S TOP 10 -- Moments ago, the #10 player in the 2014 class for MBB tweeted his top 10:

OUR NON-CONFERENCE SCHEDULE IS WEAKSAUCE -- Hopefully we beef this up going forward. I understand why we need the games this year, easing in a new QB, but this is pretty ridiculous. And I also realize that SMU backed out on us at basically the last moment, forcing a replacement game with Wofford.

FUTURE STARS OF CFB IN THE BIG 12 -- Baylor's rep, in case you didn't look at this the last time I linked it, was Robbie Rhodes at #5.

FUTURE CFB POWER RANKINGS -- Baylor makes this list, too. It's the Top 25 future rankings based on a variety of factors. It is also behind the Insider wall.