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6.19.2013 Daily Bears Report: GIF Tourneys, Future Stars, and SB Nation All-Americans

Stop me if you've heard this before: there's not that much out there today, but what is, is worth your time to read. The SB Nation All-Americans post is particularly good.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

GIF TOURNAMENT IV -- We start with SB Nation's 4th GIF Tournament, which actually began yesterday. Voting is already underway. And just for the record, that word is "jiff" like the peanut butter. I will not tolerate any dissension on the matter.

TOP TEN FUTURE STARS OF CFB -- I don't have an insider subscription anymore, but I am told there's a Bear in there somewhere. If someone who does wants to fill the rest of us in, I'd appreciate it.

TOP 25 CFB PLAYERS OF 2013 -- I can see this one because it's free. Lache Seastrunk checks in at #18 on the list, about 16 below where I'd want him to be. Clowney gonna Clowney, after all.

PIERRE HURT -- He's going to have to sit out the last week of draft preparation due to an injury. He's been surging up draft boards as teams in the last part of the first round realize they need a point guard, so I hope this doesn't affect his stock too much. It will almost certainly affect it some.

SB NATION ALL-AMERICANS -- Baylor puts 3 on the lists: OG Cyril Richardson (first team), RB Lache Seastrunk (second team), and OC Phillip Montgomery (second team). I am especially proud of the last on that list since I nominated and voted for him myself. I also voted for LB Bryce Hager (for some recognition down the line, I don't think he's a first teamer or anything) and WR Tevin Reese. Had we the ability to put multiple tackles on there, I'd have voted for Spencer Drango, too.

TWILL GETS PAID -- Congratulations, Terrence!