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6.17.2013 Daily Bears Report: Possible Transfer for MBB?

As we anxiously await what could be the finest work yet in Bill C's preview countdown of all the teams in FBS, we can reflect on the weekend that was and the week that will be in Baylor Athletics.

Rick Yeatts

First off, a little site news: I was out of touch basically this entire weekend preparing for the Great Move of 2013 that is actually going on as we speak. I hope to get things mostly wrapped-up with that today, so I can tackle the 2013 Recruit Impact Rankings this week. I'm probably going to do it consecutively rather than space things way out like I did last year, since that apparently pissed a few people off.


Look at the form on that throw. That's a motion you can set your watch to right there.

BAYLOR TO THE BUFFALO WILD WINGS BOWL: Jason Kirk's first projections for the 2013-2014 bowl season are out, and just put aside the fact that he has Texas winning the conference. If we're going to get upset about that every time someone projects it, it's going to be a long offseason. Baylor plays Nebraska in Phoenix in his projections as the #4 team in the Big 12, behind only Texas, TCU, and Oklahoma.

JOHNNY MANZIEL DOES NOT LIKE THE BS IN "B/CS", YOU GUYS: If someone would photoshop Manziel with Chris Gaines' hair and soul patch to make an Emo Johnny meme, I'd love you forever.

TERRENCE WILLIAMS AND THE DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADERS GOING TO WEST: TWill and the ladies are in West today, making people happy at a football (and cheerleading?) camp for the youth of West. Here's another link. O MO BEARBUCKS OFF-CAMPUS: There was more than one time the only reason I was able to eat after my freshman year was that I had BearBucks. The times, they are a-changin'.

OH THOSE BEARS ARE 'CRUITIN': Again, I only link to B/R when there's something that is worth giving them traffic to see. This is one of those things.

FREAK TEAM PUTS 2 ON THE FASTEST PLAYERS IN CFB LIST: Chris Huston has a very interesting take on the "fastest players in CFB" debate; by looking only at track and other times verified with FAT systems, he's compiled a list that has two incoming Bears-- CB Kyle Fulks and WR Robbie Rhodes-- on it. Briles has said many times that Fulks is the fastest player in America.


I do not know what to think about that. He'd need a waiver to play immediately, which he's probably unlikely to get.

I'm sure there will be more as the day goes on.