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6.14.2013 Daily Bears Report: Florence and the Rangers, Big 12 Previews, and Orf Signs!

Not much news on this beautiful Friday morning, but there are a few things of note that I felt worthy of your attention. Do you like that I can decide what is worthy of your attention? I really can't, since you get to decide whether you read anything here at all.

This is probably the last time most Baylor fans saw Nick Florence.
This is probably the last time most Baylor fans saw Nick Florence.

BAYLOR NIGHT AT THE RANGERS GAME -- Nick Florence is throwing out the first pitch tonight for the Texas Rangers, mired in arguably their biggest slump of the year. With the Rangers' luck, it will probably be hit for a home run (I know there's no batter and it's not a real pitch, just work with me here).

NATHAN ORF SIGNS WITH THE BREWERS -- Miles' mild shock at Orf going undrafted has a bit of relief now. Orf probably got more to sign than a few senior signs that actually went in the draft.

BIG 12 PREVIEWS FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION -- SB Nation's Bill C has finally made it into the Big 12 with his previews for this coming season, tackling Kansas, Iowa State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia, respectively, over the last four days.

I suspect, but don't know, that he is going in reverse order for each conference by projected F/+, meaning Baylor might well be the next team on his list. If so, our preview would post this coming Monday morning, most likely, and we'd be the fifth-best team in the conference by his projections. When that goes up, you'll be sure to know. I've also placed the Big 12 preview stream in the layout so you can find them easily here.

RIVERFRONT DEVELOPMENT IN WACO? -- It seems like we hear something to this effect every single year, but it's exciting, nonetheless. Perhaps this time, with the stadium construction actually happening, the plans will have more traction.

BAYLOR ON A RECRUITING ROLL -- Ubbykins takes a look at the mad run of the Baylor Bears in recruiting over the past few weeks.

DON'T EXPECT AN RC2 COMMIT SOON -- According to Rivals (subscription required), he and his father are doing their due diligence and may wait some time to commit. I'd wager the recruitment of Brandon Harris will likely play a significant role in RC2's timeline.

Quite a bit of good information in that post. Rivals has come a long way recently in their coverage of Baylor recruiting.