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6.12.2013 Daily Bears Report: The Greatest Pants of All Time

I'm doing an afternoon DBR today for two reasons: 1) I haven't done one yet this week, and that sucks; and 2) SOMEONE IS MAKING THE PANTS!!!! YOU'LL BE ABLE TO BUY THEM AND WEAR THEM!

Burying the lede here, we begin with...

BAYLOR'S X-FACTOR: THE COACHING STAFF: I wanted to do a write-up weeks ago about how I felt one of the most important aspects to our offseason had gone somewhat unreported: Did you realize Baylor's coaching staff will return intact for 2013 for the first time in quite a while? That's a big deal. Especially with schools coming after Montgomery and a few of the other assistants. We kept everybody here, kept them working, and will go into 2013 with a staff that knows each other well, knows they can work together, and are all on the same page. That's huge.

WE'VE HAD A HOST OF COMMITS: Yes, that is a link to my own June recruiting thread. I'm filling space here, and I don't care.

TIES ARE THE WORST AND SHOULD DIE: Pretty self-explanatory, really.

MICHAEL JORDAN AIN'T WALKIN' THROUGH THAT DOOR: Great post from the Mothership about the end to the Michael Jordan comparisons. The bad news is that they won't really end.

TALK LIKE A COACH ON THE INTERWEBS: It's EDSBS, so just read it and enjoy.

TEAM RANKINGS BY F/+ AND NCAA 2014: Ok, before you look at this, know that the F/+ projections are weighted over the last few years. Don't get upset that Baylor's offense, projected as an 88, is below Texas', projected as a 94. It's ridiculous, and we know it won't happen, but such is the nature of projections.

OK, LET'S TALK ABOUT THE PANTS: One of the posters over on BearsTruth (247Sports site) is married to a wonderful woman who designs and makes her own line of clothes. She has volunteered to make pants and polos in the manner of the picture that is going around here. In case you don't want pants, she's also making shorts. I cannot describe to you how excited I am about this.