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5.31.2013 Daily Bears Report: Phil Steele loves Bryce Petty

Does it feel weird to anyone else that we're all the way through May already? We are now 92 days out from the state of Baylor's 2013 season against the Wofford Terriers.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I cast a bit of a wider net this morning in the hopes of finding more noteworthy information. I believe I have succeeded.

2-4-8? MAYBE -- Our conference's Spring meetings are going on right now, in case you didn't know, and as it turns out, there are People That Matter who believe that a 4-team playoff is not the end-all, be-all scenario. Who'dathunkit? Of course, that Person That Matters is Deloss Dodds, the outspoken Texas AD who has never met a reporter he didn't want to share his hopes and dreams with even when he shouldn't. Bob Bowlsby threw a bit of water on the situation, much as he's done with realignment, and I'd be willing to bet we're going to stick with 4 for a while.

Speaking of the Spring Meetings, David Ubben has a complete wrap from Day 2 with all the information you never wanted to know. One of the things they're going to try this fall is rotating 8-man crews of officials. That's one more than they've used in the past.

KD CANNON VIDEO -- Not really much more to it than that. Max Olson (who, recall, works for HornsNation) spoke with Baylor WR recruit KD Cannon about his recruitment. Try to look past the obvious leading Olson does to get Cannon to talk about Texas' new offense.

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR POLL -- Lache Seastrunk is taking the poll handily so far, but should be winning by even more. None of those guys pose a real threat to him, barring injury.

BAYLOR PRIMED FOR A FAST START -- Athlon agrees with most of us in saying that Baylor's early-season schedule lines the Bears up to get off to a quick start. As I've said numerous times, we don't even leave the state of Texas until October, and only leave twice before November 23, both times to go to Kansas.

PHIL STEELE LOVES BAYLOR QBs -- Phil Steele posted his 2013 Preseason All-Big 12 teams today. QB Bryce Petty, Seastrunk, and OL Cyril Richardson made the first team offense, while OT Spencer Drango and WR Tevin Reese made the second. Bryce Hager was Baylor's lone representative on the first-team defense.

I've got my skeptical hat on about any UT WR making it on the first team over any Baylor WR. That should set off alarm bells to just about everyone.

KOLT BROWDER IS SMART -- Baylor right-handed reliever Kolt Browder was named an Academic All-American. Congrats, Kolt!

MORE UNI COMBOS FOR EVERYONE -- Join us in the other thread as Baylor unveils each of uniform combinations we should have available for use in 2013. Later, I'll have a poll up so people can vote on their favorite.

FIRST CAMP TODAY -- Baylor's first football camp of 2013 is taking place today in San Antonio. Probably won't be much news from it, but you never know.