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5.30.2013 Daily Bears Report: The Griner Controversy

Since the news broke about Griner being gay and Baylor allegedly telling her to keep her sexuality under wraps, I've been hoping against hope that things wouldn't progress to the point that Baylor has to respond. I think we're at at that point now.


Throughout the swirling Griner controversy, I've hoped for one thing above all else: that Baylor wouldn't say anything. Not because I think Baylor is necessarily wrong in its views or that it has no right to have them, but because I don't see a way to win that argument in the court of public opinion. Only by letting the controversy blow over and remaining mostly silent could Baylor weather the storm relatively unscathed (depending on your perspective).

Yesterday's article from Kate Fagan eliminated the last chance that happens, I think. And it's also the reason I'm going back on what I said yesterday by talking about what I promised not to talk about, because yesterday's article went beyond talking about Griner's sexuality or relatively loose accusations about Baylor's handling of such, to painting a picture of a Baylor that Griner apparently didn't like, a fairly incredible departure from what we thought we know about the relationship between athlete and school. You also get a view of Kim Mulkey as someone Griner and her parents aren't at all happy with right now.

Call it naivete, wishful thinking, or my own confirmation bias, but until yesterday, I was under the impression that Brittney Griner enjoyed her time at Baylor immensely. And Baylor fans have always defended her, no matter the source or content of the attacks levied. I'm seeing that go away now, which is sad, but not altogether surprising when you consider the types of things being said.

I don't know how they're going to address this situation, but I think we're swiftly approaching, if we're not already at, the point where they have to. And it's not going to be good at all.


RGIII BOUGHT A MANSION: Depending on your definition of "mansion," I guess. 9,000 feet is a huge house, but does it qualify as a mansion? Is that a price thing? Like you could have a "mansion" that is actually a really expensive broom closet. I don't think so. It's got to be a combination of size and mini-giraffe-style opulence. Anyway, congrats on the crib, RGIII.

COTTON BOWL OUT, ALAMO BOWL IN? Apparently so. I'm not sure how this will affect the Champions Bowl or where each school goes should one Big 12 team get into the playoff, but we'll see. The luster of the Alamo Bowl is on the rise.

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ATHLETES IN AFRICA: This is one of the coolest things Baylor Athletics does on a year-to-year basis, bar none. Check out the blog for the Sports Ministry department for more information.

COMMITMENT WATCH: It's Thursday, the day that James David is supposed to commit. It may or may not happen; I don't have any inside information about it.