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5.29.2013 Daily Bears Report: New Uniforms and a New President

With very spring sport either over for the Bears or winding down heading into the summer, we are officially in the No Man's Land of Baylor Athletics. Bear with me (oh yeah), it's going to be a long offseason.

U.S. Navy

Here's the bad news: there is almost no news to report on Baylor Athletics at this time. Here's the good news: our school is still awesome. I know, you already knew that, but it's helpful to remind people every now and then.

DEETS ON THE UNIS -- First up, since it was such a big story yesterday, Baylor has gone all-in on our new uniforms for the 2013 season. We are promoting the absolute crap out of these things. The latest effort in that ... effort ... is a page on showing the detail work done on the uniforms that is unique to them. These things are incredible. I'm going to stick with what I said yesterday and choose the bear claw collar accent as my favorite individual feature. And as much as I love the chrome gold, I think the all-black everything look is my favorite. I've been hoping/pining for a black matte helmet for a long time.

UBBEN LOVES SACKS -- David Ubben continues his run-up to the start of the season (he's working his butt off over there) with the "sack masters" of the Big 12. One Baylor Bear made the cut, and I'll let you click to find out who it is.

OWNING THE MIDDLE -- ESPN's Kate Fagan has another extremely well-written story about Brittney Griner that went live this morning, again focusing on her sexuality and the interaction (or lack thereof) she had with Kim Mulkey and her staff over that issue. Griner apparently feels much more free to be herself since leaving Baylor, something that is not at all unexpected given that "herself" includes being a lesbian.

I'm not going to editorialize again with my thoughts on that. I think I've probably shared enough either here or on SwishAppeal, SB Nation's blog dedicated to women's basketball and the WNBA. I would recommend that you go over and read Richard Kent's commentary on Griner, Mulkey, and loyalty, if you haven't already by virtue of my placing it in our layout the last couple of days. I will say that I hope Baylor fans are getting comfortable at least talking about the issue, if only because I sincerely doubt it's going away any time soon.

STADIUM PROGRESS -- If you haven't checked out the Stadium Construction Cam recently, you should. There's some green stuff going up on the west side of the horseshoe, and I don't have any idea what that is.

EL PRESIDENTE DE BAYLOR -- If you don't already love Chad President, Baylor's 2015 commit, you will after you read this post from Wescott Eberts. I'll blockquote the best part:

"I can just get out of the recruiting process," President said of why he ended things so early. "I always wanted to go to Baylor, so when they offered me I was excited and wanted to commit already, but my parents wouldn't let me, so I waited it out and then finally made my decision. But I got it out of the way so I could focus on school and high school football, then go right up to Baylor to contribute."

Yes, yes you can.

JAHLIL OKAFOR NEWS: According to the man himself on twitter about 120 seconds ago, we made the final 8 for his services. He's only the #2 player in the entire 2014 class. It's been widely known that he is scheduled to visit officially for Baylor's game against Wofford the weekend of 8/30, but it wasn't known who else would be there. 247Sports is now reporting that PG Tyus Jones (#4 for 2014) and SF Justice Winslow (#7 for 2014) will be there with him. If they all wanted to commit that day and just put this baby to bed, I'd be totally fine with that.

NOT-SO-RANDOM WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE OF THE DAY: The Nimitz-class aircraft carriers are arguably the greatest weapons of war ever created by man, and we've got 10 of them. The picture above is from a basketball game actually played on the deck of a carrier. Because we decided to do that and did it.